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SFWA helps kids 6 years old and up learn about firearms safety and becoming a responsible firearm owners as part of our heritage. We do this FREE.  As you know, every person who works with SFWA is a non-paid volunteer.  KIDS MATTER TO SFWA!

SFWA loves KIDS and we know that YOU DO TOO! That is why you are receiving this email. Thank you in advance for your donation! (Updates will be found on our FaceBook page!)



Susan and Rob Rexrode 
Shooting for Women Alliance 
Please Help Sweet Little Maximus!
Things are to the point that he has ONE chance to get a special treatment that is a final "Hail Mary" for his survival and we are trying to raise funds to rent the small RV necessary for him to travel from Florida to California for the treatment. He now has a feeding tube. Little Maximus will be the youngest person in the world to receive the treatment. Otherwise the doctors have exhausted all other options for this sweet little guy who still has a will to live.
Thank you so much for whatever you feel led to contribute!

If you have children (or have always wanted children and could not have them), SFWA is asking for your help for Maximus. Here's why . . . 

Eight months ago, Maximus' mommy and daddy were anxiously awaiting the birth of their first child and praying for him to be healthy. Two days before Maximus was born, his daddy lost his job in the industry due to new corporate leadership. And, with his job went the family health insurance.  

Maximus was born with complications and has been fighting for his life since. He is a very strong little guy ("much stronger than me," explains his really tough dad) and he won't give up on life! Little Maximus has been in and out of the hospital since birth and the medications he has had to take have caused his skull to grow too fast and now (on top of everything else) he must have the top of his head opened up and his skull broken apart to allow the normal "soft spot" area room to grow properly.

As you can imagine, the medical bills are extreme. Maximus' dad did not skip a beat and started working on his own using his talents to help companies in the industry grow their businesses. Those companies have put together a fundraiser for Maximus' medical expenses and people (just like you and us) have been donating what they can.  

EVERY DOLLAR HELPS (and like my grandma always said, "pennies grow into dollars, so take care of your pennies!") that is why SFWA is doing something we have never done before . . . reaching out to the many moms and families we have donated our time and resources to and ASKING FOR YOUR HELP FOR MAXIMUS by donating your pennies and dollars. 
We JUST published the first ever comprehensive publication dedicated to family firearms safety and tips and techniques for gun proofing kids-and taking them from the "do not touch" stage toward becoming responsible firearms owners. EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR RAISED FROM THE SALE OF THIS ISSUE through June 30th will be DONATED TO HELP MAXIMUS!  Click here to see the Table of Contents which outlines the informative articles providing actual answers and help for parents and those who have an influence on kids. Plus, if you choose to donate more by clicking the "Donate more to Maximus" options (when you purchase the KIDS and GUNS issue) you will also receive a copy of the BEST HANDGUN CHOICES FOR WOMEN Special Ladies Choice Edition!  Best of all YOU will be HELPING Maximus!

This is the time that those in the industry and those who are familiar with SFWA's longtime efforts to help women and their families become empowered through effective education about firearms and safety can GIVE BACK to an industry-related family! SFWA is looking forward to the day that little Maximus is among the youngsters that we teach to become safe, responsible firearms owners. The donation you graciously make goes 100% to helping pay medical bills for Maximus! 

Maximus has one last "Hail Mary" chance at a very specialized treatment for which he must travel (by RV) to California from Florida in 2 months. He will be the youngest ever to receive the treatment and it is his last chance at survival as the doctors that have been helping him have exhausted all options. We are trying to raise the funds to pay for the RV trip. Anything you can afford is GREATLY APPRECIATED! Together, we can make a huge difference for Maximus! Special thanks to those who have already donated to helping sweet little Maximus and those of you who will respond to this request.