FitX Team Training 

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Fitness Connection Houston 
Houston, TX  



FitX is Fitness Connection's and Pure Fitness for Women's Team training program offering unlimited sessions to programs designed for likeminded fitness Enthusiast . From Boot Camp, INSANITY, and new FitHit Circuit , FitSport, ALL formats are designed to get you to your fast!.

FIT HIT - Functional, circuit based format focused on progressive results using plyo boxes, agility ladders, cones, bands, dumbbells, med balls and other epuipment.


BOOT CAMP - A 60 minute workout that incorporates exercises and agility drills designed to burn body fat while building strength, endurance and agility. 


INSANITY - A cardio-based, full-body workout that is one of the most results-driven around. High-intensity intervals are followed by lower-intensity ones to encourage maximum fat burn. 


POUND -  A  full-body cardio jam session using light "RipStix" drumsticks for simulated drumming. Cardio, Pilates, isometric and explosive movements are fused together to burn calories while rocking out to your favorite tunes!  


FIT 35 - The answer for those who want maximum results with minimum gym time. This 35-minute workout incorporates exercises that blend strength with cardio to trim and sculpt.  Body weight exercises are used along with barbells and other group fitness equipment.

* Formats vary by location, and schedules are subject to change due to fluctuating demand.