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Kim Vasquez 
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The Principles of Allowing Series
Reno, Nevada

Allowing Handbook

with Best Selling Author Holly Riley 

Friday evening 6-8:30pm, August 14th

Saturday 10-4pm, August 15th

Cost: $300 - Payments via PayPal or At the Door

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The Allowing Handbook
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The Allowing Series guides people to understand and own their ability to forgive, decide, believe in themselves, and let go of repeating patterns so they can live authentically and in service to sharing their beautiful SELF with the world. This is creating a new life practice… one that will last forever.

What do we do: We explore, understand, and apply simple strategies that empower students to create a life of choice rather than living a life that repeats old patterns and experiences. We wake up our dreams and point our hearts toward joy!

How? We learn how powerful we are with how we focus our attention. We discover how to direct attention/thinking/believing with increased awareness. We use the Allowing tools to release criticism and eliminate default patterns of unworthiness, illness, anger, non-forgiveness, and blame. We open the door to our innate ability to manifest, be responsible, and orchestrate a new experience - one of choice! The Course trains the student to connect and relate to life with heart and authenticity. Students become acutely aware of how they attract what they have been experiencing and learn simple tools to change repeating patterns, heal, and let go of unwanted behaviors.

What is required of the student: Willingness and determination to awaken to their preciousness. We engage the materials beyond any idea of right and wrong and discover untapped reservoirs of ability. Students wisely learn to believe in themselves. Change is the result. The tools are thoroughly learned through practice, repetition, and sharing. Responding to reality with increased awareness becomes more natural in the student’s life. This two day series practicing will increase your understanding to a depth that results in lasting change. As students own where they find themselves, without blame, transformation is the natural result. 

You can’t change an experience you believe is someone else’s fault. The degree of participation is always determined by the student. Some engage deeply while others quietly observe. The result is integration in a manner that is comfortable to the participant. All present will awaken their ability to feel, own, and let go of obstacles and blocks to dreams. We have fun exploring, allowing, and realizing that what we hold to believe as absolutely true can dissolve and be replaced by experiences of choice. When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.