Saturday July 18th, 2015 at 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM PDT
Sunday July 19th, 2015 at 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM PDT

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Two Day Bar Exam Cram Session - $895

Who should take the Bar Exam Cram Session? Serious bar examinees who do not want to take the bar exam ever again. 

Not sure what to write? Not sure how to start your essay answer? Our students leave the Bar Exam Cram Sessions knowing how to approach each essay topic. For example, Bar Exam Cram Session attendees learn how to organize and write a defamation exam answer, a products liability exam answer, how to approach a murder exam, and how to approach cross-over exams.

What do you get?

 1) Two days of live instruction covering all tested subjects - taught in a manageable concise fashion by The Bar Exam Guru,

2) Complete set of The Bar Exam Cram Sheets,

3) The Bar Exam Guru's July 2015 Exam Predictions,

4) Email support up through the bar exam,

5) A Ten Day Study Plan for the last ten days leading up to the bar exam,

6) Proven approaches to each bar essay topic,

7) Concise and manageable definitions, and

8) A guaranteed pass or your retake is free. 

The Bar Exam Cram Sheets for short exerpts, click here.

Class Format: The class is held over one weekend, two days back to back, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. We cover everything you need to know. The class is very structured and dynamic, breaks are taken every 45 to 50 minutes, with a one hour lunch break each day. Coffee is provided. It is a very successful and positive learning environment. Questions are held to the breaks or after class or via follow up email in order to maintain proper coverage (in other words, you are not stuck listening to questions you do not want to hear - but, if you do have a question, you can ask either on a break or via email).

Ten Day Study Plan: Students receive a ten day study plan to utilize during the final (and most critical) ten days leading up to the bar exam. You choose the study plan you need - we provide study plans tailored to:1) those who are studying full time,2) those who work full time and can only study at night and on weekends, and3) a separate study plan for attorney takers who are not taking the MBEs. The 10 Day Study Plan tells you what to do every day, by the hour, leading up to the bar exam.

Class hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

What is the email support like? The Bar Exam Guru provides our students with regular emails during the last three weeks leading up to the bar exam. These emails include her insights into the bar exam as well as selected essays for your review. Each bar round these emails are tailored to what was most recently tested and what has not been tested recently on the exam. Emails contain selected essays that the Bar Exam Guru recommends students read before the February 2015 bar exam. The odds are that you will see an essay on the exam that is similar to what you received from the Guru

Our guarantee: We are so confident that you will pass the bar exam after taking the Bar Exam Cram Session that any student who does not pass the bar exam after taking the bar exam cram session can take the course again free.

Please note: All sales are final. We print all course materials with your name on every page. Once we have printed your course materials, there are no refunds. Space is limited. If you are unable to attend a live session, we can not provide a refund. However, we will allow you to attend another Bar Exam Cram Session date or location as long as space is available. If you are unable to attend the session, please notify us immediately so that we can work with you to try to provide you with another date and time. Thank you for your cooperation.