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Berry Kruijning 
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The BiteSize Learning Hour

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Sounds Familiar?

  • You encounter a lot of changes at work?
  • Does a relentless pressure to perform bring out the worst in people you deal with?
  • Are intensive interactions “eating” your health, performance and being?
  • Feeling uncomfortable starting a difficult conversation with a co-worker or your boss? 
  • Do you experience a lot of resistance to the changes in the workplace?
  • Are you trying to give constructive feedback, but seem to get into a defensive conflict, or at least a messy misunderstanding?
  • You’d like to find a way to have your team members work together during times of change and transition, get along and have the least amount of destructive conflict?
  • No or little time or money for professional development?


The BiteSize Learning Hour

Learning in Bitesize portions.

Join me for lunch and learn a couple of key concepts while connecting with other professionals



(Last Tuesday of each month, exception for November and December, due to Holidays)


Build Bridges: The Leadership Essentials of Communication and Collaboration

Managing Your Position Up and Down for Credibility and Influence

 How to handle Conflict and Confrontation in the Workplace?


2016 Topics (January-June, Dates TBD)

  • Seven "Must Have" Interpersonal Skills 
  • From Turmoil to Thrive: Dealing with Conflict in Times of Transition
  • Give Feedback That Works
  • Be Prepared, not Scared; Three Keys to Navigating Difficult Conversations Succesfully
  • Establish Effective Coaching Relationships for Managers and Supervisors in the changing organization;
  • How to Reach Your Goals and Influence with Effective Body Language and Non-Verbal Skills
  • Problem Solving Conversations that move your forward.


What do I get out of the BiteSize Learning Hour?

  • Make a positive impact in your relationships, so that you enhance your work and personal life;
  • Navigate the internal and external turmoil of change with more ease and confidence
  • Have difficult conversations and preserve relationships, minimize conflict;
  • Reach your professional goals;
  • Deal with difficult people with ease and confidence;
  • Skills that last a life time and can be applied at work and at home;
  • Networking connections;
  • Free lunch!

Save my spot!


BiteSize Learning Hour... What is that about?

It's actually not an hour, but 90 minutes! We'll meet over lunch (I'll buy you lunch!) in person in small groups and explore two to three key concepts within the topic for that day. 

Attend an Individual session or buy a punch card for 3, 6 or 10 Bitesize Learning Hours.  Although these seminars build on each other, key concepts are reinforced throughout all seminars.

Can't make it in person? 
No worries. Bitesize Learning Hours are also offered online in 45- minute Webinar format (You buy your own lunch!) or you can purchase the Webinar Recording only. Register for the online classes opens soon.


Is this for me?

If you are a business professional in a changing organization, who wants to enjoy the benefits of developing and maintaining strong working relationships, less stress and conflict, likes to continue professional development and improved productivity, then YES!





Berry Kruijning

Berry Kruijning, LL.M, PHR, a leadership development and conflict management coach and consultant offers her clients a unique set of analytical and people skills, based on her background in law and human resources. 

Berry has an extensive international experience in in guiding leaders in global settings through the turmoil of a changing organization and helps leaders to bring back humanity in the workplace by building dynamic team relationships and communicating effectively when the stakes are high.

Berry Kruijning
503-880-6640 |


What people say about working with Berry:

"Berry was a great mentor and hit on my need for improvement in a disarming and constructive manner.” Joanie W.


"The end results of working with you were:

  • Professionally: a promotion at work and the respect and acknowledgement from my peers/executive team of my new way of handling situations involving conflict.
  • Personally: the ability to create a new life away from conflict that was affecting me daily. This was one of the most significant take-a-ways for me and I have no doubt the change was also what led to my professional accomplishment.

You are a wonderful person whom I respect and admire. Words cannot express my level of gratitude for the tools and guidance you provided me. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone…and I plan on coming back for more myself!" Heather D. 

Description of each class: 

Build Bridges: The Leadership Essentials of Communication and Collaboration ( 2015)

 Differences in behavioral styles can lead to misunderstanding, mistrus and conflict. Recognizing and understanding these differences impact your relationships positively. Knowing your social style will help you make better decisions, better use of your time, be less frustrated and work well with others.

2. Managing Your Position Up and Down for Credibility and Influence (2015)

Your boss and your direct reports have a great impact on your daily satisfaction at work. Developing effective relationships “up and down” in which you have influence and credibility as a manager is a lifesaver. Learn the key concepts on how to manage up and down in your organization.

 3. How to Handle Conflict and Confrontation in the Workplace (2015)

The way we handle conflict and confrontation determines our success in the workplace. Conflict is inevitable and is often harming relationships and affecting the bottom line, so we better get good at navigating it! Learn the key concepts of handling conflict constructively.

 4. Seven “Must Have” Interpersonal Skills (2016)

To get and keep your job you need a set of technical skills. But beyond the technical skills, whom do you enjoy working with most? That is probably the person who is always positive and willing to help or the person, who listens to you when you have a problem and who helps you resolve a conflict. These people master the soft skills, which I’d rather call Strategic skills that open more doors at work and help them excel as a leader. In this BiteSize Learning Hour we’ll explore the seven main areas of interpersonal communication that can’t do without in today’s hectic workplace.

 5.    Assertiveness Skills for Managers and Supervisors (2016)

Are you finding yourself in conflict when you ask for what you want? You might not hit the right tone or come across as demanding or aggressive. People don’t like to work for people that are aggressive in meeting their needs and wants. Assertive communicators know how to minimize conflict and still get their needs met, create “win-win” situations and solve problems with less stress. Learn the key concepts to become a more assertive communicator and build the confidence to speak up for what you want and need without burning bridges.

6.    Give (and Receive) Feedback That Works (2016)

You can avoid common feedback mistakes and minimize conflict by learning how to communicate important information about performance and unwanted behaviors to subordinates, peers, superiors or even clients, in a way that helps them hear what you are saying and helps them identify ways in which they can improve.

You will be introduced to a simple yet powerful feedback technique through which you can deliver feedback that replaces personal attack, incorrect judgments, vague statements, and third-party slights with direct and objective comments on a person’s actions promoting personal and professional growth. 

 7.    Three Keys to Navigating Difficult Conversations Successfully; Be Prepared, Not Scared. (2016)

Are you avoiding difficult conversations that you know you need to have at some point? We often avoid difficult conversations, out of fear that they’ll turn into a conflict, that we’ll be misunderstood or that the issue won’t be resolved anyway.Starting and having a difficult conversation is something that you can learn. In this BiteSize Learning Hour you’ll learn the 3 keys to navigate difficult conversations while building and maintaining a dynamic working relationship.

 8.    Establishing Effective Coaching relationships for Managers and Supervisors (2016)

Not feeling confident to have a coaching conversation with your employees? Are you only coaching once a year with performance review time and not getting the result that you are after? Are your employees disengaged?  Join us for this BiteSize Learning Hour to find out the key ingredients of an effective coaching relationship and engage your employees on a daily basis, affecting the bottom line one coaching conversation at a time.

 9.    How to Reach Your Goals and Influence with effective Body Language and Non verbal skills (2016)  

 Are others not responding to you the way you would like? Are your ideas rejected or are you not feeling heard in meetings? Body language and non-verbal cues make up about 93% of our message. You might use ineffective body language or not fully aware of the non-verbal messages you are sending. Join us to find out how you can strengthen your influence and reach your goals with effective non-verbal behavior.

 10.   Problem Solving Conversations that Move You Forward (2016)

Does your effectiveness depend on quickly and effectively solving problems? Are you or your team members getting often into conflict when solving problems? In this BiteSize Learning Hour discover a range of problem solving techniques that keep your team moving forward with the minimum amount of stress and conflict.