How to Help

Families earn ONE free registration by selling 63 raffle books. Buy your raffles here, use the "Give a Helping Hand Today" link to the  right and credit your seller to help them earn a free registration. 

Your gift today will make a difference in the lives of families coping with the unimaginable.

Winners need not be present at the drawing on April 9, 2016. Winners will be notified by email or phone by the end of April 2016.


Ingrid Miller
Office Manager

National Tay-Sachs 
& Allied Diseases Association

(617) 277-4463


2016 Helping Hand Grant

Raffles of Hope

The Helping Hand Grant Program provides scholarships to families in need to help with the expense of attending the Annual Family Conference. NTSAD does not take any administrative costs; every dollar raised goes directly to a family in need because supporting families is a top priority.

Make a gift or buy a book (or books) of raffles to help!

Cash Prizes of $1,000 * $500 * $250
(each prize comes with your very own NTSAD "Hope Knows No Boundaries" T-shirt)

Give a Helping Hand Today! You can credit your seller to help them earn a free registration and we will complete your raffle stubs and put into the drawing. All from the comfort of wherever you are and just a few clicks.


Only at the NTSAD Annual Family Conference can families connect directly with other families, learn the latest in research developments and discuss health management options.