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Starting Monday, September 14th.  

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Attend six 20-minute pre-recorded classes on your computer or by phone. PLUS, schedule two 30-minute laser coaching phone sessions with us during the last 2 weeks of September. 

March Forth Family is dedicated to partnering with parents in equipping them with valuable tools to nourish and assist children with particular challenges.

"Probably the best part of meeting with Tom and Julie is the fact that they have walked some very tough roads with their own children and therefore have a depth of insight into how difficult it can be when you want the best for your children.”  
-Gretchen Roe

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6 Quick LESSONS to Teach Your Child
Reading and Math from the Inside/Out

 With Tom and Julie Meekins

Starting Monday, September 14th

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Your investment: $149

  • Are you ready to delve deeper into your child’s struggle with Reading and/or Math?
  • Would you like to solve the problem from the inside out?
  • Would you like to get to the root cause? From a DEVELOPMENTAL point of view? 

Most advice given for learning struggles is symptom driven and the solutions are
usually a bandage, compensation approach. 

Here’s your opportunity to get the training to:

  • see your child’s reading and/or math struggles from another perspective
  • get to the root cause
  • clean out the cobwebs that are keeping your child stuck
  • step-by-step move your child in the direction of deeper learning
  • solve the mystery surrounding your child’s struggle
  • bring your child better focus, AND

ultimately bring the FUN and ADVENTURE back into learning!!! 

Come join us for:

6 Quick LESSONS to Teach your Child
Reading and Math from the Inside/Out 

Do you want your child to be a confident student in reading and math?
Of course you do! 

Added benefits from working the program:

  •             more overall maturity
  •             confidence for you in teaching your child with a proven method
  •             better behavior overall
  •             better social skills
  •             opportunity for better relationships

The action steps in these LESSONS will serve your child for a lifetime in many areas!

6 Quick LESSONS to Teach your Child
Reading and Math from the Inside/Out 

How does it work?

1. You will get six pre-recorded 20 minute LESSONS. (see details below)
2. You will also have opportunity for two 30-minute private laser coaching sessions 

In the LESSONS we will focus on how you can help your student be better in reading and math. AND there is even more benefit as this method reaches many areas of development. This is what we will teach you to work on:

  • Building confidence in the student
  • Giving the struggling reader a large sight reading base
  • Teaching the struggling reader to pick out known words in favorite books
  • Teaching you to teach math processes (working the problems) mostly visually
  • Teaching you to teach math facts (memorizing) mostly auditorily

A big emphasis will also be on what could be potentially keeping your child stuck developmentally.

How will you get to the root causes of the problems you see?

In addition to working specifically on reading and math skills, we will show you how to assess these developmental areas:

  • gross motor skills,
  • sequential processing ability – both auditorily and visually, and
  • central detail vision strength 

AND THEN we will give you exercises and activities you can do in your own home to enhance those developmental abilities and get your child un-stuck.

In summary: From the six quick Lessons: You will be able to assess the very critical developmental areas of gross motor/cross patterning, sequential processing ability (auditory and visual), and central detail vision. After making the assessment, we will show you how to get your child un-stuck in those developmental areas by doing specific activities and exercises with the child to enhance those areas.

Why these areas? Because gross motor, sequential processing, and central detail vision hiccups are almost always at the root cause level of academic struggles. Your child may also have other root causes as well keeping them stuck, but working on these three areas can unlock so much potential it is worth focusing on them first.

Also during the program month, you will have the opportunity to schedule two 30-minute private laser coaching sessions with us – Tom and Julie. During those private coaching sessions, we can help you develop an action plan that is very specific to the child you have concerns about.

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Your investment: $149

 Quotes from Parents who have worked with us:

My son is having an awesome start to the school year. His reading has improved so much even after a summer of mostly fun and games. He even says things such as, "I like grammar tests." I mean wow! Thank you a hundred times for all of your help. It's not all smooth going, of course, but the improvements are huge! You are awesome!  Cate Dwyer

The practical steps of pre-assessment and hands on direct help of what to do about it - the what and how -- have been very helpful. It is good to know that the things I saw in my child that caused me frustration have a root cause to them and that they can change. K.S.

My son has been doing so well, behaviorally & emotionally.  Our relationships within the family are solid and loving, even when someone has a rough day everything isn't spiraling out of control anymore.  Whenever we see those parts of his personality that are joyful and sweet (which is most of the time now) I still stop and say a prayer of thanksgiving for you two and the road to help you provided to us a few years ago.  Those glimpses we saw back in the day are now our daily experience and wow, what a boy God has blessed us with!  So, thank you for all the encouragement and tips etc.  You are forever in our hearts and prayers.  Colleen Bolin

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Your investment: $149