The IIRC & PIRC Rules, Terms & Conditions are available hereRegistration requests  that you to read and accept them, paying particular attention to  the IMPORTANT MEDICAL INFORMATION and WAIVER.

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Saturday 21st November 2015

from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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PESS Building,

University of Limerick Sports Bldg,

Plassey Park Rd



Driving Directions




Race Type Entry Fee
Junior 2000m/1000m/Set Time €15.00
Junior 500m €10.00
Junior Combo (2k/1k/Set Time + 500m) €20.00
Junior Team 2000m €20.00
College Freshman 1000m €15.00
College Student 2000m €15.00
College Student 500m €10.00
College Student Combo (2k/1k + 500m) €20.00
Para-Rowing 500m €10.00
Para-Rowing 1000m €15.00
Para-Rowing 2000m €20.00
Para-Rowing Combo (2k + 500/250m) €25.00
Senior 2000m €20.00
Senior 500m €15.00
Senior Combo (2k + 500/250m) €25.00
Senior Team 2000m €25.00

PLEASE NOTE: In the event that a College, Club, Class, Group or Team wish to register a large group or make payment by cheque then contact the Organisers at and we'll be happy to assist.

Groups of ten or more receive a 10% discount.

If an individual wishes to pay by cheque that's fine but there may be a delay in registration.

Any unpaid entries will be refused on the day.

Supporters are welcome and Free of Charge - just remember to CHEER!

Registration Closes 11pm 11th November 2015


 Joe Cantillon

Welcome back to the IIRC Race series of indoor rowing competitions.

2016 is an Olympic year so hopefully some of our olympic hopefuls start showing their potential at some of the lesser events in the run up to their squad selections. Over the years we've been lucky in Ireland to be able to row side by side with some of those that fly the flag at the games so hopefully this year won't be an exception - allowing you to measure your talent against soemone whose bag is packed for Rio.

The PROVINCES IRC 2015 is in it's second year and already is taking on a character of it's own. As it's early in the season the average 2k time might not be at their peak BUT they will provide a good marker of where you are at and they will improve! Correspondingly anyone new to the 2k and getting into rowing or indoor rowing will 'welcome' a chance to test themselves before the Holidays when celebrations may dull performance for a while. Don't worry yourself though - post Chrimbo you have the IIRC 2016 to look forward to! When your enthusiasm needs a kick in the nethers along comes a deft challenge. 

 We've temporarily moved the PROVINCES IRC 100m to the PESS building (same location as IIRC 2013) where you'll have a whole building to go PB hunting.

As always the event is open to EVERYBODY; No pre-qualification is required.

Interest is high therefore space and places are limited. Get your entries in to avoid disappointment.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for all the latest news and follow us on Twitter @IrishIndoorsRow to be kept abreast of developments and results on the day 

 We aim to have a great day out and hope you do too - Joe C.

Info, Categories and race types for IIRC 2015

There are four types of categorised Individual race:

A) Standard 2000m (2k) & Para Rowing 2k

B) 1000m (1k) for J15, Freshman & Para-Rowers 

C) 500m Sprint

D) Junior 'Set times'

There is one type of categorised Relay or Team race:

A) 2000m (2k) whereby a team of four competitors will be assigned a Rowing machine on which they must complete a 2k as quickly as possible managing their own individual fitness levels and abilities. They may rotate/relay as many times as they wish. They may optimise the foot straps for performance but nothing else of an ergometer may be altered. 

Drag Factors MAY NOT be changed during an Individual or Team relay race!

A Rest time of 1.5 hours between category events is planned.

 If it is your intention to break an Irish or World Record, please contact the organisers in order that the necessary preparations may be made.


Please note your Race No. & Race Title for registration purposes. Once registered you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not, please notify the organisers ROWfit. Inconsistencies may result in entry being delayed or refused. For help or more information email to

Ensure you are eligible for your selected event(s) by reviewing the Rules, Terms & Conditions and the Age & Race Categories.

Registration Closes 11pm 11th November 2015

The IIRC Rules, Terms & Conditions are available hereRegistration requests  that you to read and accept them, paying particular attention to  the IMPORTANT MEDICAL INFORMATION and WAIVER.

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