Friday October 30th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 PM
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University of Cincinnati Rec Center

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European American Chamber of Commerce 

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Company Briefing & Networking: FESTO & UC 

The EACC is excited to partner with FESTO and UC as the hosts of the October 30th Company Briefing & Networking series.  EACC guests will learn about UC's strategic alliances with industries, and more specifically its partnership with FESTO.

Watch as FESTO's world famous engineering marvels -SmartBird & BionicOpter - take flight!

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The Bionic Learning Network - a collaboration between FESTO, Industry & renowned universities - provides pathways for industrial innovation that motivate interest in technology and help us to discover new talent.

Recognized internationally as inspiration for major advancement in energy efficiency and lightweight design for automation, these ultralight, aerodynamic bionic robots will provide visitors with a glimpse into the manufacturing automation possibilities of the future.


The University of Cincinnati is an innovation hub in the tri-State with industrial alliances that span across the globe.  UC College of Engineering and Applied Science is a global leader in research, discovering new methods and innovative applications of novel technologies.

Program Agenda & Keynote Speakers:

Festo Corporation - Yannick Schilly
Festo Didactic - Carolin McCaffrey 
Festo Bionic - Flight of the SmartBird and BionicOpter 


                           FESTO SmartBird                             FESTO Bionic Opter


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