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Call begins:

San Francisco, Seattle Oct 1, 17:00

 Mexico City, Oct 1, 19:00

New York, Oct 1, 20:00

Rio de Janeiro, Oct 1, 21:00

London, Oct 2, 1:00

Paris, Oct 2, 2:00

Athens, Oct 2, 3:00

New Delhi, Oct 2, 5:30

Melbourne, Oct 2, 10:00

Call ends:

San Francisco, Seattle Oct 2, 17:00

Mexico City, Oct 2, 19:00

New York, Oct 2, 20:00

Rio de Janeiro, Oct 2, 21:00

London, Oct 3, 1:00

Paris, Oct 3, 2:00

Athens, Oct 3, 3:00

New Delhi, Oct 3, 5:30

Melbourne, Oct 3, 10:00


Phone or Skype ID: Maestro4294
Free Webphone Google Chrome browser:


Call in for as long or as short a time as you like. Call in as many times as you like. 


Mair Alight 
Mair Alight, Empathy Specialist, Certified Trainer, The Center for Nonviolent Communication 




7th Annual

 Empathy World Call




The 7th Annual Global Tele-Empathy Call Event, with 24 hours of connection, compassion and understanding begins Thursday, October 1. Look at the column on left to see when it begins and ends in your time zone

You are invited to join us (by phone, skype or computer) to experience empathic presence as we commune together in a global network of compassion and love. Your presence matters! It won't be the same without you. :-)

Different facilitators, practicioners and hosts will be joining the call bringing their own experiences, reflections and styles to this paradigm-shifting event.

When you click on the Register Now! button, you will be offered your choice of registering for the entire call for $3 (or more). This amount will be received by the organizer of this event, Mair Alight, to support her with this 24 hour Empathy World Call and with PHEW! (Free Empathy Warmline)


I'm hoping to "see" you on this Empathy World call. It's been so enlivening and enriching for me each year. I've heard from several people that it is their favorite event of the year. Hurray!

in loving service,



p.s. This year I made the decision to ask for a minimum of $3 to help cover the tech costs and my time to support my joyful participation and organizing. If you can't find a way for that to work for you, then put in Discount Code MAIR and then click on APPLY. It'll register you without a contribution.


Your Inner Child is invited! Whoo-oooo!

 Time to PLAY! Bring your inner child to the party!


Bring your writing, drawing and coloring materials. Anything you want to play with and we’ll play together. Bring your songs and poetry, your short stories, your legos, your doll clothes, your knitting, your superhero action figures….whatever you would like to spend your time with as we PLAY TOGETHER.


Yes, we’ll be on the phone (or skype). We’ll be able to share what we are doing with our Voices! :-)


This is an experiment in playing! Join us as often as you like as we meet  Mondays and  Wednesdays in October. This is my birthday month and I’m celebrating with PLAY! Let’s have fun together! SEVEN possible playdates! Yippee!