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FOUR Consecutive Wednesday nights: October 7,14,21 & 28, 2015 

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the MEDITATION ROOM @ Bickford & Covington
Redlands, CA 92373



~from Kris Sharp MPA
What’s the matter, cousin? You say you have questions but the universe won’t answer. Well, maybe you need to listen more – 
it’s called meditation.
Having patience and learning how to listen is a very profound aspect of the meditative practice and being gentle with yourself when it doesn’t seem to be happening the way you expect it to, is also extremely important. When talking about expanding consciousness, it is so important to allow yourself, and each individual, the freedom to evolve into their own awareness in their own timing. This whole process is ancient and reliable - you just have to be patient as you fine tune your ability. If everything seems dark and silent, observe the darkness, the universe is still speaking through that darkness. Learn how to tune in and become aware of the inner knower. Check out the information that you get and if it has an element of joy and upliftment then it’s probably of a positive nature. How will you know that the information is truthful? – That’s all part of your meditation. 
Hey, it’s a new month of rhythmic meditations and welcome to our new members. Are we having fun yet? Let’s try some new things. Are you down with that? – as Jimi Hendrix would say. 
We have big drums, small drums and tambours with sticks, all waiting for some curious and loving hands to help them speak. Now, are we playing them or are they helping us to vibrate like percussion instruments. Who knows? - That’s the fun of it. It’s not a difficult formula or calculus… Can't see the solution? Just ask, what is the problem? Let the steady rhythm help you identify the feeling or internal block. Keep the rhythm moving and the beat going - elevate the volume … GET INTO IT, then stop and listen. Fine tune and sense the vibration, hear the reverberation and begin again - but gently. This is not mental process so don’t try to think about what you’re doing. Go into deep centering and listen. 
Bing, bang, boom. It’s all right there – cousin.

body-brain-balance team <3



Bring your practice into attunement and love!

Experience deep rejuvenation, relaxation, healing and connection to Self... these are just some of the realizations that manifest in group meditation!


 a GROUP VENUE with an expert leader in MEDITATION:


Begins October 7th!


Give yourself the opportunity to experience a conscious, mindful opportunity in MEDITATION...   

It's as powerful as any kind of work-out with life-time benefits!   


WEDNESDAY NIGHTS provides a unique experience in RHYTHMIC MEDITATIONS.  Wednesday nights will be led by Kris Sharp, MPA, BCB and part of the meditation experience will include meditative drumming... WE WILL PROVIDE YOU THE DRUM!


Merging of the meditative and drumming tradition can be a totally unique experience at Bickford, Covington & Associates’ Body Brain Balance program.  Is it contemplation? Is it meditative practice -- a drumming circle or what?  Well, our best description is a mixture of them all.  It can be subtle, deep, uplifting, healing and most of all fun.  ‘Those Individuals With Inexperience Need Apply.’  We are most welcoming to those who would like to experiment and experience our brand of ‘Rhythmic  Meditation.'

We welcome all levels of experience to Meditation and Rhythmic Mediation 


Give yourself the opportunity to experience a conscious, mindful opportunity in MEDITATION...  

Shamanic tradition claims that there are essential questions that are asked of individuals who have health complaints. When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence? When did you stop singing?  When did you stop dancing?

Maybe we should add to that, when did you stop making noises and following the rhythm?  Well, you say, I never did any drumming -- but you did bang on the table or wall or floor when you were a child and more than likely someone told you to ‘stop that racket!’  But, it just could be that you intuitively knew that it was a simple healing means of bringing more harmony into your body and life.

And maybe it’s time for you to start letting it all out, drumming your fingers again and bringing that harmony back.

We would love for you to join us on our continuing adventures in contemplation and rhythmic meditation to manifest greater body alignment and inner harmony.   Are you EXPERIENCED?... at least for meditation and creating healing rhythms (Wednesday night)?  Well, it doesn't matter because we WELCOME all LEVELS of experise... from the advanced to no experience AT ALL!


Meditation is a process that GROWS what you hold in mind... and is amplified when shared together! 

Have you considered the incredible benefits that occur in a GROUP meditation?  


 Through Mantras, Visualization, Thought Creativity and Trance space we offer you...



Drumming can allow an individual to delve deeper into a meditative state.  The use of drumming brings natural rhythm to mind and body and synchronizes into coherence between brain and heart.  The mind and body can respond to the rise and fall of the rhythm being played, taking the mind from an active, nervous state to a calmer, more open and relaxed awareness.  The repetition of the drumming helps ease the cascading thoughts and anxious energy.  

The synchronization of meditative or relaxation states can become healing rhythms.  For those who may have difficulty attempting meditation, but would be interested in the health and wellness benefits that meditation can elicit, drumming can be a big help throughout the process. Drumming can be a natural way to promote wellness and relaxation, and combining it with a meditative state can only help increase the benefits of each practice.  

Introducing meditation and drumming into a routine can be an adventure in quieting thoughts, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting a quieter, more peaceful state of mind.

Rhythmic drumming can create a shift in one's state, which can have a wide range of therapeutic applications. A recent study by Barry Quinn, Ph.D. demonstrates that even brief drumming sessions can double alpha brain wave activity, dramatically reducing stress. The research sites that brain waves shift from predominantly Beta waves (focused concentration) to Alpha waves (calm and relaxed), creating a deeper connection to one's well-being. The sound of a drum can help us to take notice of our own heartbeat. It is our heartbeats that keep us alive and vital. Drumming can also be very therapeutic in getting in touch with our inner selves. 



Bickford & Covington

~Body-Brain-Balance Team~