Seattle Basket Brigade - 2014


Setup: Fri. Nov. 20, 2015 2 - 5 PM
BB Event Sat Nov. 21, 2015 11- 5 PM
Volunteer gratitude party -
Sat Nov. 21, 2015 7-11 PM

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When you RSVP - you will be notified of our location.

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10th Annual Seattle Basket Brigade - 2015

10th annual Seattle Basket Brigade. (Registration is closed)
Saturday -  Nov. 21 (11 AM - 3 PM); Set up - Fri Nov 20 2-5PM
Our great volunteer party Sat. evening : 7-11 PM.

Wow - 150 new volunteers in past 3-4 days.
$3500 in "small" donations ($10-100) Many more than in past !
350 voluteers closed registration 2 weeks early!
This gives us 2 weeks to put on the final touches.
500 baskets / turkeys planning for Seattle Basket Brigade (goal) !

Many of the past volunteers are procrastinating and
not realizing all the hard work involved to put on this food drive.
As of last week only 30 people out of 300 (from last yr)
had registered for this year.
(270 weren't opening emails / procrastinating).

A few of us put out the word and great need to donate
and deliver food and the community responded.
Feeding 2500 people is an HUGE activity and takes much planning, coordination, donations, volunteer time and energy.

Please make sure you respond early
when your emails arrive as this helps us
in so many ways.

To get on our email list for the future:

If you have not seen our amazing Basket Brigade Video
created by Brenda Astorino and Luke Papineau, check it out,
email your friends, and post on Facebook.

RSVP for Basket Brigade - follow this CLOSELY :
There are 3 (THREE) separate events (RSVP EACH).
A) Basket Brigade (Sat), B) Set Up (Friday) and C) Sat PM vol. party
Once you RSVP go to the previous page to continue.

1) Sat. Basket Brigade : Nov. 21, 11-3

(See Friday below)

Size of baskets (~ 17" X 12" X 12)

Basket & turkey

2) Friday Pre - Event - Set up (Nov. 20, 2-5 PM)
We need 20 people to unload food from trucks and set up tables. There's a lot of HEAVY lifting for this part of the brigade. We meet (SHARPLY) 2-5 PM at the location. Make sure you RSVP to know the details and location .
RSVP - Click Here

3) Volunteer Party (Sat. Nov 21, 7-11 PM on)

We'll have great music, and meet new wonderful friends! Incredible food donated
by some of the best Seattle restaurants - Thai, Indian, Greek food and great Pizza.
I'll smoke an organic turkey.Outdoor fire pit; Hot tub available - bring towels.


PLEASE help make a donation NOW no matter how small so MANY families can eat.
Many people are struggling now, and
ANY donations you make will brighten
and make YOUR Thanksgiving
even more rewarding by giving to others.

Money (100%) will be used to help buy all the turkeys and canned foods etc.
Consider giving up your coffee (outside the house) etc. for a week -
this feeds a family for 2-3 days!

The Seattle Basket Brigade is now a formal 501C3 Non Profit
We can provide a tax deductible receipt if needed).

A basket to feed a family for 2-3 days cost ~$35.

To Donate by Paypal (or VISA/Mastercard) ->
Fees are taken by Paypal so if your donation is large plesse consider a check
to : Seattle Basket Brigade, 6603 Aurora Ave No. Seattle, WA 98103)

If you do not have ability to donate, click here to view creative ways people have helped us raise money in 2014.

Do you have contacts (companies with matching programs or friends)
that may be willing to donate, or can ask their employees to get involved
donating & volunteering ie Microsoft.

New Announcements -

1) The Seattle Basket Brigade is now a 501C3 Non Profit.

2) Fred Meyer (FM) Charitable Service Organization
PLEASE TAKE 5 min it will help us raise a lot of money Click Here

3) We will have Live Seattle Cajun Bands playing with great food (Thai, Mexican, Italian Pizza) throughout event.

Help us have a successful 2015 Seattle Basket Brigade
Below are several links to help you get involved NOW
and and will help us be more successful:

Email List: Mail list to sign up to get our emails
(Even if you RSVP you'll not get our emails)

Flier: Pass this flier along to others (Email, post on FB, etc.)

If you want to be involved and help us plan 2016
please get in toruch with us.

E-Mail with all contact info.

Pictures and Videos of past Seattle Basket Brigades
If you would like to see all the pictures taken at the 2014 Seattle Basket Brigade.
Click here

Pictures were taken mainly by our wonderful photographer these last 3 years - Paul Gulick

Video (above)- Les Berenson MD (coordinator) introducing and explaining Seattle Basket Brigade

Basket Brigade flow

Video showing the flow and assembly of baskets and turkey

Our Facebook page
Please RSVP on that page to get others excited
(can search on FB for " Seattle Thanksgiving Basket Brigade "!

Les Berenson MD - coordinator Seattle Basket Brigade
206 290-0409