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If you would like  to support legal aid for low  income residents of Cobb County through your tax-dedectible donation, please click above to give online. Designate your gift to Cobb Justice Foundation c/o Legal Aid of Cobb County


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Volunteer Registration for Cobb Justice Foundation

Pro Bono in Cobb County
The Cobb Justice Foundation, a partnership between Legal Aid of Cobb County and the Cobb County Bar Association, refers low income clients who cannot afford private representation to volunteer attorneys. Cases are screened thoroughly by Legal Aid of Cobb County attorneys. All cases are in Cobb County and must fall within the case priority and financial eligibility guidelines set by Legal Aid. Your skills and expertise can make a real and immediate impact on their lives.
But I already do pro bono work!
The code of Professional Responsibility requires lawyers to represent clients who are not able to afford legal counsel. However, it is an unfortunate fact of life that some clients who actually can afford legal counsel simply choose not to pay for it. The Cobb Justice Foundation ensures that the clients referred to you cannot pay for legal representation. This is true pro bono.
What if I do not have expertise in every area of civil law?
You may volunteer specifically for your areas of expertise.  Legal Aid also offers access to its own in-house training and mentoring to Foundation volunteers.
What if my pro bono client cannot afford the filing fees?
Georgia law allows filing without cost in certain instances. The Foundation will provide any necessary forms.
Can I receive attorney fees?
Yes, but not from the pro bono client. Attorney fees can be accepted only if the court awards fees against the adverse party.
What about malpractice insurance?
Malpractice insurance, covering your representation of clients referred by the Foundation will be provided by Atlanta Legal Aid.
I cannot afford to do pro bono work.
In order to minimize the amount of pro bono time each attorney must commit to the Foundation:

  • Much of the administrative work on a pro bono case is completed by the Cobb Justice Foundation office prior to the case being referred. Volunteer attorneys will be provided information about the clients as well as initial facts about the legal problem.
  • While we encourage attorneys to sign up for three or more cases, as this number provides a benefit to both the program as well as the attorney in the form of free CLE and CLE credit dollars, we understand that not every attorney can make this commitment and we are grateful for all pledges made.
  • Cobb Justice Foundation will only refer cases that are in the volunteer’s area of expertise. Volunteer attorneys may also choose not to accept a case if their schedule prevents them from making a commitment at that particular time.
  • Volunteer attorneys accepting three (3) cases within a year receive a $100 CLE voucher from the State Bar of Georgia.