Monday January 4, 2016
Saturday March 26, 2016

Meeting days, times, and durations are coordinated by coaches in conjunction with teams.
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A local School or Library in the following communities:
Massabesic, Portland (PORTBOT), Raymond, Windham.

If an alternate location is desired a minimum team size is needed as follows (tell your friends): 
Jr league (Gr 1-3) min size is 5; 
Sr League (Gr 3-8) min size is 4.


Southern Maine Gearbots 
Southern Maine Gearbots 

Southern Maine Gearbots 2016 Registration 

Registration is now open for Southern Maine Gearbots Spring 2016 season. Meetings will begin in January and are held once a week for approximately 1 1/2 hours. The program will culminate with a District Meet in late March when students will display and compete with their robotic creations.

Residents of Saco must register on the Saco Parks and Recreation website.

Residents of Gray/New Gloucester must register on the Gray/New Gloucester Parks and Recreation website.