Thursday December 17, 2015 from

12:00 PM to 1:00 PM CST

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HIMSS MN Webinar - Population Health 

Andrew Tessier, President of HealthBPM and former CTO, will present a summary of the processes and applications being exercised by a regional Provider to create a reporting and analytics platform that contains the Clinical and Operational data from 20 Electronic Health Record and Practice Management systems.


All Providers are investing in developing platforms to address the regulatory reporting and decision making requirements of managing populations of Patients. Developing these platforms is a significant effort. A successful project requires investment in new processes and applications to create a platform that will reliably produce the information needed to address the reporting and decision making requirements.

In this event you will learn how one regional Provider is addressing the effort and combining the Clinical and Operational data from 20 Electronic Health Record and Practice Management systems into a single reporting and decision making platform. We will talk about the processes, applications and projects that have taken place to implement the reporting platform.

 Speaker Bio

Andrew is a consultant and manager of all things HealthBPM. When he is not out working with clients on his own, he is with his team, helping to address clients’ needs and fortify results. He is resourceful, providing creative solutions to the problems you didn’t even know you had. He is the guy you want to have at your side when it is decision-making time.

Andrew’s background is unique. A technologist with a strong understanding of business principles, he has many years of experience in enterprise architecture. He knows the care delivery and health insurance business. Prior to joining us, Andrew was the pager-toting IT guy for a large system, ran the healthcare business for a big consulting firm, and was an enterprise architect in a large healthcare practice.