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Julie Krull 
Julie K. Krull, Ph.D. 

2016 is Your Time to Shine!  

Individual Soul Care Packages

It's time to SHINE your light and leap forward into your fullest expression!


I enjoy building community with people from many different faiths, and walks of life, who share a common passion and commitment to the spiritual practice of authentic, conscious living and deep, intentional soul care.  Will you join us?

Why Care for the Soul?
We are living in a time of expanded consciousness and amazing global shifts. The era of personal development, life coaching, and searching outside of ourselves for the answers to be fixed, healed and happy, are coming to a close. We are stepping into the fullness of who we are and taking responsibility for our health and quality of life, discovering the resources we have within as we connect with Creator, creation, community, and our own divine essence. My unique approach to soul care creates an opportunity to welcome and embody your essential self with contemplative practice, sacred action, and everyday living.  It's like "Take Your Soul to Work" everyday; and into your relationship with everything. This is not an abstract idea, but a sacred calling for all who are awake and committed to practice the unification of divine essence in human form, while becoming spiritual change agents in the world.

You'll receive individual and group co-mentoring sessions that include:
  • Support and Guidance that Empowers Your INNER Support and Guidance
  • Collective Healing that Supports Your Individual Health and Wholeness
  • Heart-Based Connections that Strengthen Your Heart-Connection to All That Is
  • Conscious Community that Expands Community Consciousness
  • Resonance Practice that Cultivates the Resonant Field We Work In
  • Expanded Perspectives that Shift and Expand Your Perspective 
  • Co-Creative Practice that Inspires Greater Creativity and a Co-Creative Life 
  • Play in Consciousness that Develops Your Mastery of Consciousness
  • Leading Edge Insights that Facilitates Your Greater Insight
  • Aligned Intention that Aligns You with Your Highest Potential

Practice the Path of Soul Care
If it is your intention to live a more conscious, co-creative, soul-centered life in which you align with Source, transform limiting beliefs, release negative cellular memory, clear emotional blocks, and shift your energy to support your highest divine potential, my soul care package may be for you. Please explore and see what feels most resonant with you.  Six and twelve month INDIVIDUAL packages come with a private online community, group coaching calls, and monthly collective healing sessions.
Walk a Meaningful, Sacred Path toward Your Individual Wholeness
As a Soul Care Practitioner, I distills the best of ancient spiritual wisdom, contemporary practice, cutting edge science, intuition, and evolutionary next best steps. I believe sharing the journey of soul care – a path toward wholeness – is a meaningful, sacred process and it is one of my greatest joys! 

Individual Soul Care (ie. spiritual direction, psychospiritual mentoring, co-creative musing, soulful life coaching, and energetic healing) sessions are usually scheduled once a month or whatever feels right at the time. You and I will individualize a plan to meet both your inward, co-creative soul care journey and your fullest outward expression.  Practice the art of soul care and actualize your highest potential.  I wish you continued blessings on your journey!

Thank you for considering soul care.  Again, these packages not only include INDIVIDUAL ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS, but also include group co-mentoring and healing.  If you would like to hear what other are saying about their experience, you can go to: TESTIMONIALS or visit: JulieKrull.com for more information.


Six-Session Package: $1,170 NOW:  $1072

Twelve-Session Package: $2,340 NOW:  $2145

or Twelve Monthly Payments:  $179 per month