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Rick Oneal 

"You need to make a commitment, then life will give you some answers." 

 ~Les Brown

Your Jump Start 2016 Coaches

Rick Oneal

Rick has been training, leading, and coaching teams for over 20 years. He is a Certified Professional & Executive Coach with a background in sales and management. His educational background includes an M. Div from Andrews University and a BA from Southwestern Adventist University. 

"I am living my passion seeing the light bulb come on for people (myself included). The moment of discovery is one of the best. It doesn’t matter if you are three or ninety-three. It is still an “aha” moment."

"I have a heart for teaching, training, personal growth and development. I believe that we should all ask the question “if better is possible, is good, good enough?” Using a Solutions Focus, we will work together to create the results you want."

He is an international speaker and a trained facilitaor of: Prepare/Enrich, Personality Dimensions, Foundations for Tomorrow, and TrueYou. 

"I enjoy golf immensely but am much better at strategic board games. I live in Tigard, Oregon with my wife Heather, and the owner of the house – Cali the cat."

Lyndsay Oneal


Lyndsay has logged over 1,000 hours of coaching, helping hundreds of people to clarify what they want and to move them forward. She coaches in a powerful and caring way using an insightful and intuitive approach.

Her college education was completed in three countries culminating with a BS in Communication from Portland State University.

She lived abroad for three years, and by the age of 20 had toured most of the US and been to 30 countries on three continents. Through travel and training, Lyndsay has developed her communication skills to be an astute intuitive listener with the ability to see varied perspectives.

 “I have been practicing transformation coaching since 2008 and have coached four long term leadership teams. I have enjoyed sharing my services with three different transformational companies over the last 7 years. I currently reside in beautiful Redlands, CA.”

"Unless commitment is made,

there are only promises and hopes...        but no plans." ~Peter Drucker



Jump Start 2016 - New Year New You 

Jump Start: to give life, vigor, or spirit to, start or re-start vigorously, set in motion, energize, invigorate, juice up, quicken, vitalize, vivify. (Yes vivify).

Would you like to look back 3 months from now and use these words to describe your start of 2016?

Jump Start the new year with passion and purpose. Make this year different because you choose to.

Jump Start is a 10 week power program that includes both one-on-one and group coaching. We provide support, clarity, and accountability on what matters most to you. Gain tools to create success by setting and achieving goals in the first quarter of 2016 and beyond. Participate conveniently from your home or office.

The end of 2015 is here. What did you accomplish? Was it what you wanted? Did you create: Love, Connection, Health, Money, Peace? Would you like to?

Wouldn’t it be great if FedEx would deliver “life results” to your door just like it delivers packages? Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Fortunately, you do get a say in what you spend your time and energy on. You get a say in what you want to be, do, and have. So, what is it for you? What would be worth investing your time, energy, and money on? What results and experiences would be meaningful for you to have in your life during the next year?

Jump Start 2016 by setting yourself up for success. Be clear about what you want and how you can make it happen. Join a group that will help you, and encourage you, to achieve what you would not create by yourself.

Invite a friend to join you. A great way to encourage and support each other.

"When you are surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible." ~Howard Shultz


Would you like to:

  • Receive coaching to see what you don’t normally see, to create results you don’t normally create
  • Discover solutions to challenges and dramatically increase your ability to reach goals
  • Take fresh action and create progress in your personal life and career
  • Be listened to in an environment that is nonjudgmental
  • Interact and gain perspective, with the support of proactive, resourceful, and objective people
  • Breakthrough your blocks to achieve what matters most to you
  • Connect with others committed to personal growth
  • Experience a sense of a shared endeavor - there are others out there
  • Gain new tools to learn, grow, and produce positive results


What you can expect as a Jump Start Participant:

  • 10 weeks of encouragement and support
  • Weekly group coaching calls (with a group of wonderful people)
  • Three individual (one-on-one) coaching calls
  • Private Facebook Group access for support and accountability
  • A framework to create, measure, and track goals
  • Two professional coaches committed to you

Jump Start is great for people who:

  • Want coaching to support them in moving forward
  • Want to reach or exceed their goals
  • Want to contribute as well as evolve
  • Are ready to move a bit outside their comfort zone
  • Are committed to shifting from an ordinary life to a fulfilling life
  • Are ready to allow desire and passion to override their fear of change
  • Want to explore specific topics and diverse views within the context of a group
  • Have the desire and inspiration to make this year extraordinary

Get a Jump Start on the New Year by creating the vision of what you want  Let's make this happen - Together

 Our normal 3 month package is 12 individual coaching calls at $720 ($60 each)

Register now for Jump Start, and get a total of 12 calls (9 group and 3 individual) for less than $21 each  Fantastic pricing for a great group coaching program 

Register now for just $247 Earlybird Tuiton Rate or Register later and pay $297 Regular Tuition Rate  

Life rewards action - Space is limited

Jump Start 2016 - Register Now

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If you have questions or would like more details please contact us:

TeamAhaCoaching@gmail.com ~ Rick Oneal  503-913-6288 ~ Lyndsay Oneal 541-921-7934