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'Owari' Satsuma Mandarin Hardy Citrus Pre-Sale 

Grow your own satsuma mandarins outside in coastal BC and harvest your delicious fruit at Christmas time!

Citrus reticulataOwari’ is a satsuma mandarin orange that is hardy outdoors in coastal BC! Plants form lush, tropical-looking, evergreen shrubs to 5-8 ft tall, bloom with white, incredibly fragrant flowers, and produce excellent crops of sweet, juicy, seedless fruit just like you buy in boxes at the supermarket but these you can pick off your very own tree at Christmas time!

The ‘Owari’ satsuma is hardy to about -11 degrees Celsius or zone 8a, the colder end of zone 8. It is best planted in a warm, protected location in the garden against a south-facing wall or fence. A warm, sunny east- or west-facing location might also do. It is also best protected from the rain by the overhang of the house or from constructing a winter roof for it.

 Phoenix Perennials’ resident citrus expert, Larry, has been growing the ‘Owari’ satsuma outside in his Richmond garden since before the Armageddon winter of 2008/09. His plant had only a little damage in that momentous cold snap and no damage at all in any cold snap in any year thereafter. He picks large crops from his tree every year at Christmas time. We have had a taste test of his fruit amongst the Phoenicians and they taste identical to the store-bought fruit. The following pictures you see here are of Larry’s tree taken in December 2015!

This is a picture of Larry's 'Owari' satsuma in his garden taken in early December 2015. 

This is a picture of Larry's 'Owari' satsuma in his garden taken in early December 2015. Fruit are still showing a little green but will continue to turn completely orange by Christmas.

A shot of Larry's tree taken in early December 2015 with some supplemental lighting. His tree is planted in the middle of the garden on the outside south facing wall of his greenhouse. This location will be a warmer microclimate in his garden but the plant is still exposed to the full brunt of winter cold snaps and shrugs them off. 

This is a picture of fruit from Larry's 'Owari' satsuma picked in early December 2015. Fruit is ripe even when the skin is still a little green.

We are offering 3 gallon pots of ‘Owari’ satsuma via pre-sale for $74.99 each for pick-up at the nursery in early May 2015. Please place your orders now. We will email you with the exact pick-up date once it has been confirmed in the spring.

Give the Gift of Home-Grown Citrus Fruit: If you'd like to give some of these plants as a gift for Christmas, we can email you a certificate that you can give to that lucky person. They can also use the certificate to pick-up their plants in the spring. When you check out you'll have the option of selecting the gift option. We'll then email you a certificate for you to fill out.

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