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Mary Puhr - Professional Development Coordinator 
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How to Change the Dynamics in the Workplace Culture Webcast

This is a pre-recorded webcast. With our online anytime format, you will immediately receive the link to the webcast, password and the link to the webcast handout upon successful registration. You do not need any special software to view and listen, just a computer!  Since passwords are changed frequently, we suggest viewing the webcast as soon as possible after registering.


How people treat each other in the workplace culture is based on many factors, but ultimately it boils down to: How are right behaviors reinforced and wrong behaviors discouraged? This translates into simple details that affect everyone's behavior every day, from the decision of the director to smile and say hello to everyone (not just people who are deemed important) to the existence of a written (and enforced) civility clause in the employee handbook. Perky is not required, but if the administration does not set and personally abide by a basic standard of Hello, Good-bye, Please, Thank-you, and I'm Sorry, motivational speakers and eloquent speeches on team-building will do nothing. Topics include a quick introduction to behavioral science (what works, and what is a waste of time), basic steps for administrators, managers, and co-workers to take immediately, and how to ensure that lurking issues are not preventing better behavior. 

These topics will be touched on in the session:

  • Responding timely to co-worker requests
  • Understanding that you are a cog in the work flow wheel – don’t make it non-functional
  • Steps to change the dynamics from surly to friendly
  • Don’t take co-workers and their time for granted
  • Respect, communicate and contribute


Pat Wagner has worked as a consultant and trainer for libraries for over 30 years. She also was a book store manager and, for ten years, was a popular columnist and consultant for a national retail store magazine, where she researched and wrote on issues that impact libraries as well. She is one of our most popular speakers who brings wit, humor and practical know-how to all of her presentations.


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