Tuesday March 1, 2016 at 8:00 AM CST
Wednesday March 2, 2016 at 6:00 PM CST

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The Houston Club, Houston, TX 
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Driving Directions 


John Sodergreen 
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New Risk in Energy III, Houston TX 

The Houston Club

All the news, analysis and intel you need on energy trading policy, compliance, energy price and risk in 2016 and beyond.

“Washington Comes to Houston...”

Tuesday, March 1, 7:00 p.m.
Our annual New Risk in Energy events all begin with a preconference reception and an invited speaker. We are pleased to announce noted risk management expert Chris Clearfield, managing director of SystemLogic, will be our featured speaker. His presentation: “Correctly Reading the Weak Signals or How the Risk of Catastrophic Failure Can Be Managed Successfully."

Wednesday, March 2, 8:00 a.m.
I. Policy Thread:
Dodd-Frank Policy Swan Song? Most major rules have been settled (70 % anyway) or are very close to being finalized, except for position limits and cross-border harmonization. Dodd-Frank will nevertheless be with us forever, by way of endless fixes, tweaks, redo’s and the latest trend, SRO-creep. What are the new timelines for finalizing the balance of Dodd-Frank rules? Which fixes, tweaks or redo’s should you pay attention to or help to push forward? How will the coming election cycle affect all of this and what is next focus area for the CFTC, post-Dodd Frank?
Jim Newsome, co-founder, Delta Strategy Group, and
former chairman, CFTC

II. Enforcement Thread:
The evolution of federal regulatory enforcement, 2005-2015. The trajectory of CFTC and FERC enforcement capabilities, authorities, strengths and weaknesses and current priorities. Enforcement box scores; challenges to agency authorities and decisions on the rise; how energy firms should react to enforcement actions; the growth of federal enforcement actions; how the feds are working with corporate compliance officers. 
Greg Mocek, partner, Cadwalader, and former director of enforcement, CFTCTodd Mullins, partner, McGuire Wood and former associate director, enforcement, FERC

 III. Oversight and Surveillance Thread: 

FERC and CFTC market oversight and surveillance operations. How these offices are now more capable than ever of rooting out wrongdoing; What traders and compliance staff should and should not be doing; federal priorities; violations on the rise; the importance of front office and compliance office dialogue; trade strategy innovation in an era of aggressive federal enforcement.
Matthew Hunter, deputy director, Office of Market Oversight, CFTC
Sean Collins, deputy director, Office of Analytics and Surveillance, FERC

IV. Compliance Priorities/Regulatory Expectations Thread:
At no time in the modern history of competitive energy markets has the relationship between corporate compliance staff and regulators been so interwoven, and as such, wholly necessary to succeed. A mixture of art, science and law defies this extremely complex, expensive relationship. And seven years after the passing of Dodd-Frank and five years since FERC assumed new penalty authorities, the relationship between compliance and regulators is again changing with priorities shifting. This panel focuses on the next horizon for compliance. Data quality, among other things is at the center of this relationship.
Howard Friedman, Deloitte & Touche
Jim Allison, former risk officer, ConocoPhillips

V. Morning Keynote (11:00 a.m.)

Chris Giancarlo, commissioner, CFTC 

VI. Market Risk Thread: 

The Zero Hedge Season. Our ongoing, ultra-low price trend has translated to the lowest level of price risk and supply hedging in a decade. How will this new reality change the market’s risk profile, costs of capital, counterparty relationships and strategic planning? How is risk management changing in the era of $2 gas and $29 crude oil?
Glenn Labhart, managing director, Labhart Risk Advisors

Lunch keynote
Surprise Guest* TBA

VII. Price, Supply, and Demand Risk Thread
The latest data and analysis in gas and oil supply and demand trends for North American; a focus on gas storage and changes to the storage regime at EIA; new tools and reports from EIA in power, gas and oil.
Steve Harvey, assistant administrator, EIA

 Panel Discussion: Four Views on Price Trends; Supply and Demand Themes for 2016

 Jack Weixel, PointLogic Energy

 Jeff Moore, Bentek Energy

Kyle Cooper, IAF Advisors

 *An Alternate View on Demand, Supply and Price

Andy Weissman, EBW Analytics Group


VIII. Operational Risk Thread:
Navigating Exchangeland. More choices, more reporting responsibilities and greater oversight; customer surveillance limits and requirements; assessing the SRO creep for SDRs, futures exchanges and SEFs; growth in options trade; outlook for exchange products and services; plus, position responsibilities and how this affects your compliance and limits; block sizes, and MATT.

Dan Carrigan, prresident, NASDAQ Futures

Ann Sacra, president, Nodal Exchange

Trabue Bland, president, ICE Futures U.S.

Peter Keavey, executive director, eneregy, CME Group


IX. Surveillance, Trading & Risk System Thread

Full briefing on the latest in surveillance, ETRM and data management software, systems and trends. Learn about current capabilities in risk management systems and surveillance and monitoring trends; the trend toward system optimization; the buy vs. build decision in 2016; and meeting regulatory compliance demands with the latest tools. 

Patrick Reames, Commodity Technology Advisory

Dan Lozie, SAS

Patrick Woody, SMARTS

Eric Fishhaut, DataGenic Group

  X. PowerMoves: My Take on the Power Market for 2016 and Closing Comments.

Dr. Robert Michaels, professor of finance, CalState Fullerton, and senior columnist, Energy Metro Desk

 Catered reception

** Additional speakers and presentation themes will be added in the weeks ahead. This is the only energy trading and risk event you'll need to attend in 2016 to help you to prepare and get a jump on policy, compliance and operational changes impacting our energy industry. This is a speaker and knowledge-packed event. The event is also relatively small, high-level, intimate, off-the-record and very participatory. For many, the event will feel like an industry homecoming.

New Risk in Energy is limited to 100 attendees. As in the past, our event is less than $1,000, all-in.  First come, first serve. Don't delay!

This event is generously sponsored by Deloitte, Nodal Exchange, NASDAQ Futures and SMARTS, CME and others.