What is theatre? Students explore the art of telling stories through live acting.

Creating an Ensemble. Students learn to work together, build trust, and to involve every member in a performance.

Movement and Space. Students explore pantomime and movement to help tell a story.

Character Development. Students explore what makes characters unique and how to create compelling characters onstage.

Voice. Students learn the importance of articulation, projection and voice variation.

Listening and Reacting. Students learn to understand how being present, listening and reacting are an important part of being an actor.

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$55 DISCOUNT  - Students registering for Fun with Dialects and a second class at regular rate, receive $55 off the total. Use Code REG55.  Valid until March 3rd. 

15% DISCOUNT - For students currently enrolled OYES' Spring session.  email | Valid until March 3rd

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NEW! Ensemble Chorus - world music, pop, and R&B

March 3-May 15  (10 week)

Wednesdays 2:00-3:00pm | Grades 5-9

Students perform selections from the score for "Once On This Island", featuring enriching sounds of world music, pop, and R&B. Performances MAY 5-7 & 13-15.  Dress: May 2, 4, 3-6pm & May 10, 12, 4-7pm. | Tuition $165  (Please register by 3/3)


NEW! Young Chorus 

March 8-May 24  (12 week)

Tuesdays 9:00 am-10:00 am | Grades 1-4

Young students will have fun singing! While learning proper vocal technique, ear and pitch. | Tuition $165  

(Please register by 3/3)

NEW! Shakespeare with Kytriena Payseno

March 10 - Apr 28 (8 weeks can be paired with Dialects)

Thursdays 4:00-5:15 | Grades 5-9

Directed by Kytriena Payseno
Discover the fun and art of performing Shakespeare - one of the world's most beloved playwrights! Showcase at the Ojai Shakespeare Celebration | Tuition $215

(Please register by 3/3) 

NEW! Say what? FUN with Dialects!

March 7 - April 25 (8 week)

Mondays 5:30-6:30  | Grades 5-9

Students explore storytelling through the many dialects of the English language, developing fun and interesting characters! Skilled performance techniques explored through improv and scripted modalities. Directed by John Medeiros. Tuition $185 

$55 OFF when enrolled in Dialects and another class!


NEW! Disney's Aladdin ~ Intro to Musical Theatre 

March 8 - May 24 (closed)

Tuesdays 11:15-12:15pm (closed)

Grades 1-4


March 10-May 26

THURSDAYS 3:30pm-4:30  - sign-up today!

This fun and exciting introduction to musical theatre includes theatre games, Improv, and a fun showcase performance of “A Friend Like Me” from Disney’s Aladdin, Jr on the main stage!  Costumes, lights and make-up for the show! Directed by Jackie Ringhof.   Tuition $265  

(Please register by 3/3)

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