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Tuesday February 23, 2016 from 7:45 AM to 1:00 PM PST
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15269 - 104 Avenue Surrey 
BC V3R 1N5  



Zana Gordon 
Fenestration Association of BC 
HPO Continuing Professional Development credits now apply to these sessions. See each session for credits.

FENBC Technical Conference 2016 

Please note there has been a slight change to our program for this year.

Learn about the NAFS changes in the December 2015 update to the BC Building Code

Well, it is now 2016 and in December Code Santa gave BC a NAFS-related present: a significant update to the BC Building Code with considerable changes to address difficulties related to NAFS compliance. For the BC market, this is big news. Are these changes relevant to the rest of the country? In so far as they clarify the intent of the code—yes.  

Highlights include:

  • Lower Performance Grades for Part 9 homes
  • No more “site-built” products
  • Clarification on use of Part 5 methods as alternative to NAFS for commercial and residential buildings
  • Allowing use of ASTM E1300 for glass design
  • Changes to Section 9.6 Glass
  • Clear statement on use of Limited Water doors

Speaker:  Al Jaugelis, RDH Buliding Science Inc.
.75 HPO CPD credits

Getting more out of your NAFS Testing - Engineering options that can extract more value from your NAFS test reports

This presentation will help you to understand little-understood mullion rating and engineering options in NAFS-08 and NAFS-11:

  • How standards and methods referenced in NAFS can be used to rate a variety of custom configurations based on a smaller number of individual unit tests,  rather than by testing each unique configuration.
  • How to use Fenestration Canada’s “Voluntary NAFS Labeling Guidelines for Products with Mullions”.
  • The panel will discuss how to combine testing and calculations to generate valid NAFS ratings,  which can greatly reduce the amount of physical testing required.
  • Robert Jutras,  President of Air-Ins,  will demonstrate their new NAFS-compliant window structural analysis software.

Panelists:  Dave Goldsmith (Plygem), Al Jaugelis (RDH Building Science Inc.),
Robert Jutras (Air-Ins), Kavin Saito (QAI)
1.5 HPO CPD credits

Please note there has been a slight change to our program for this year.


745 am - Registration and Buffet Breakfast
830 am - Welcoming Remarks
845 am - Learn abou the Changes to the BC Building Code
930 am - Break
1000 am - Getting more out of your NAFS Testing - (Part 1)
1045 am - Break
1115 am - Getting more out of your NAFS Testing - (Part 2)
1200 pm - Buffet Lunch

NOTE:  You can register for just the sessions you want to attend this year.  Read the registration forms carefuly.