March 5
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1000 State Street
Springfield, MA 01109

Driving Directions


8:30 a.m.   Coffee & Conversation

9:00 a.m.  

Welcome & Opening Remarks      Bishop Fisher

Morning Devotions                        led by Pat O'Connell & Linda Taupier

Plenary Address: Mike Wagner

10:30 am       BREAK & travel

10:45 am   MORNING Workshop

 Noonday Prayers  Please pray in workshop rooms at conclusion

12:00       LUNCH  Please try to network and meet new people!

 1 p.m.      AFTERNOON Workshop

 2 p.m.        BREAK & travel

 2:15 p.m.  Closing Session:

"Sent into the World To Do the Work God Has Given Us to Do: Some Ways to Pray, Learn and Act With God's Help"  

  • The Public Health Crisis that is Gun Violence:  Bishop Fisher
  • Support for Syrian refugees here and in the Middle East: Steve Abdow
  • Creation Care: The Rev.Margaret Bullitt-Jonas
  • Veterans Ministry: The Rev. Chris Carlisle

    3:00  Bishop’s Blessing & Departure


Have questions?

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The Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts
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Parish Leadership Day 2016

Plenary Address

Finding Your Bias For Action                  (In a Time of Change)

Change paralyzes. It can freeze us with anxiety and muddy our thinking. And when we freeze we put the ministry of our churches at risk. But it can also be the right time to renew our bias for action. In fact, it is a perfect time to adopt a “get ‘er done” attitude! My aim in this session is to poke, prod, nudge and provoke as needed. I want everyone to walk away with practical, doable action their church can take. Find your bias for action and church leadership will be a whole lot more fun!

Mike Wagner's approach is a unique combination of leadership development and organizational culture, informed by the tools and process of “designthinking.” Mike’s mission is to release the wisdom and capacity of each organization he serves.



1.     Mission Centered Creative Leadership (In a Time of Change)

WORKSHOP CLOSED   Wardens ONLY -- Led by Mike Wagner

2.     Vestry 101  

New to your vestry in the last year or two? Come for a conversation about the role of a vestry and parish leadership.  Come with questions, come to discover new and deeper ways to provide leadership in this time in the world and in the church. -- Led by Canon Pam Mott and the Rev. Michael Bullock

3.     Vestry 201: Working Through Conflict

Sometimes leaders feel that when conflicts arise they have failed; Christians are supposed to all “get along,” right? One of our preferred tendencies in the Church then becomes to avoid conflict at all costs. But what happens when we begin to see conflict as an opportunity for spiritual growth and more deeply rooted faith communities? Can we learn to “fight fair” toward embodying the Mission of God - rather than letting ego needs define “winners” and “losers” every time we see things differently? -- Led by Canon Rich Simpson

4.     The New Jim Crow (Book Discussion) WORKSHOP CLOSED

-- Led by the Rev. Harvey Hill and Lee Cheek - members of the SJC

5.     Resourcing Ministry 

How do we respond to a loving God in gratitude for all we have received? How do we fund our mission from a place grounded in God’s Word, as an act of discipleship, and by talking about money honestly and openly? We will explore our own experiences with money in relation to God, electronic giving options, year-round stewardship programs, and we will talk candidly about money in the church.-- Led by Bruce Rockwell and Steve Abdow

6.     Seeing our Neighbor WORKSHOP CLOSED                                -- Led by the Rev. Jenny Gregg

7.     Recasting Assets Panel 

Last year, four parishes participated in the Recasting Assets consulting process offered by the Episcopal Church Building Fund.  Together they spent the year trying new things and using some new tools to understand better who they were and how they could use the assets of their buildings and imaginations!  Come to hear what tools were helpful and what they learned that is helping them reimagine their communities.-- Members of St. Stephen’s Pittsfield, St. James’, Greenfield, St. Andrew’s, North Grafton, St John’s Sutton

8.      Celtic Liturgy  WORKSHOP CLOSED -- Led by The Rev. Derrick Fetz


9.     Golden Circles  - Getting to the Why? 

People don’t come to church because of WHAT you do, they come because of WHY you do it.  How do you articulate and express that WHY. Do you exist to keep the building open?  To serve the neighborhood? To worship in spirit and truth? These questions get to the heart of who we are as a Church and as our local church communities.  Using the principle of the Golden Circles, we will take a brief time to explore and express your church’s WHY. You may want to take a look at Simon Sinek’s TED talk as background. -- Led by Canon Pam Mott

10.     Practicing Communal Discernment: Vestries that Listen to God and Each Other

Town Meetings permeate New England culture - often our experience of these political gatherings is that the loudest voices “win.” But how can we develop countercultural leaders who are listening for a Word of the Lord and listening to one another? How can we hear each other to speech in the work we share, toward making decisions that seem “good to us and to the Spirit?” -- Led by Canon Rich Simpson

11.  Coming Back to Life: Spiritual Resilience in an Age of Climate Change

In the face of the many challenges that confront us – including, but not limited to, climate change – what renews our spirits and gives us energy and hope?  This hands-on workshop will give us space for reflection and conversation, and a spiritual framework for “holding” the challenges. -- Led by the Rev. Margaret Bullit-Jonas

12.  Sacred Space: Stumbling Block or Cornerstone?

Many design elements go into creating a space that encourages congregational worship. What should be considered besides the final cost and how to bring an aging building up to code? This workshop looks at ways to support congregations' expectations, the national church's building guidelines, and the beauty found in righteous architecture. -- Led by Lindsay Shives

13.  Parish Communications: Critical Platforms and Strategies for Evangelization WORKSHOP CLOSED -- Led by Victoria Ix

14.  Paperless Music: Why? Where? How? WORKSHOP CLOSED -- Led by The Rev. Cricket Cooper, St. Stephen’s Pittsfield

15.  Talking About Race: Why It's So Hard for White People and Why We ALL Need to Talk Anyway WORKSHOP CLOSED

Facilitated by Lee Cheek, Zena Link, and Lisa Green, Members of the Social Justice Commission


There is a fee of $15 to attend Parish Leadership Day. No payment is required now, just your personal information and your workshop selections. Your congregation will be billed after the event. When you're ready to select your workshops, just click the button below. egistration will close on March 1.

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