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 For years, we internally have celebrated how God uses The WORD Church to bless thousands each year through our Outreach initiatives, so much so, that we've coined the phrase, #WeLive2Give!  Well, something spectacular happened Survivor Sunday, our Mayor, Sylvester Turner, joined us to celebrate our Breast Cancer Survivors!  Prior to him honoring them, he began speaking about how TWC has impacted our city through our giving!  If you weren't in attendance, or haven't had a chance to hear this clip, please CLICK HERE to hear what the Mayor of the 4th largest city in America has to say about the giving efforts of The WORD Church! 

Also, because our city is counting on us, a call for partnership was issued, asking for all TWC Partners and Friends to support, BIO (Building Inside Out) VisionBIO Vision, is our ongoing Outreach Initiative that enables us to do exactly what Mayor Turner commended us for, GIVING!  Through BIO Vision we are able fight the war on hunger as we assist our inner city communities with our FREE Grocery Giveaways and Food Pantry, prepare children for successful school years with our Back 2 School Jamboree and The Re-Up!  Also, BIO Vision helps support our efforts through Black INK & Pink INK our tutoring, mentoring, and after school programs.  As we prepare for our year end initiatives, Extreme Thanksgiving and Christmas In The Community, we need your help!  "We do it better TOGETHER" is more than just a catchy phrase, it's a proven fact! 

To invest a one time financial seed please CLICK HERE.  However to become an ongoing monthy financial supporter of BIO Vision please CLICK HERE.
Ultimately, BIO Vision will 'Build Inside, For Lasting Change Outside' and your fiancial support and prayers will help make BIO Vision a reality!  We thank you in advance! 

For Personal Assitance In Becoming A Financial Supporter Of BIO Vision Please Contact:

Kathy Roberts 
The WORD Church