Liz Harsch
Tailor-Made Advertising/Constant Contact Local Expert

Wed., June 22, 2016, 10:00AM - 10:50AM

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Liz Photo 15 Liz Harsch of Tailor-Made  Advertising has been helping  small businesses make more of  their marketing budget since  1988. She has been awarded by  Constant Contact as an All Star  Email Marketer and is Master Certified and an Authorized Local Expert to present Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media Workshops and offers other Small Business Workshops. For more information to improve your traditional or online marketing program contact Liz at Tailor-Made Advertising by email at or by phone at 310-791-6300.


When: Wednesday, June 22, 2016, 10:00am - 10:50am  FREE Webinar 
Hosted by: Tailor-Made Advertising, Constant Contact Local Expert
Presenter: Liz Harsch of Tailor-Made Advertising (Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert)

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•   10:00am -   10:50am - FREE Webinar- Grow Your Business with Email & Social Media

Webinar: Grow Your Business with Email & Social Media 

What you will learn:
In this free interactive webinar we will share key concepts of email & social media marketing. This social media strategy worksheet class will help you plan & measure your online marketing & results to learn how to create your next digital marketing strategy that is most effective for your business or organization.  We will discuss & brainstorm about:  
• Marketing Objectives & Goal Setting   
• Engagement Marketing tools and how they work

• Social Media Marketing Campaigns & Online Promotions   
• Social Media Channels that matter based on your goals

• Measuring Your Results
• Brainstorm with other business owners to create a better campaign 

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  • You will need Internet access and you may need to download and test your protocol.
  • We will send you the URL for the webinar prior to the workshop.
  • Look for email updates from Tailor-Made/Liz Harsch and with important access information. ( is the webinar tool we will be using)
  • Plan to log-in 10 minutes before start time
  • IMPORTANT: if you are attending the webinar, you may want to have a Constant Contact account or a trial account to grow your business (click here to get your account now) 

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 This event is sponsored by Constant Contact so there is no fee to attend.