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Launched in February 2016

Connected Vehicle Management Overview ("CVMO")

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The CVMO is a condensed two-hour on-line intro to Connected Vehicle concepts.  This course is intended to benefit participants who are interested in enhancing their professional credibility with a foundational understanding of concepts necessary to succeed within the Connected Vehicle field.

Benefits of Participation
  • The online content offers the ability for participants to join whenever and wherever is convenient for you.
  • The content is highly relevant, practical information, giving you knowledge to draw upon as soon as you get back in the office.
  • The course will set you apart in the workforce by beginning your education in one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.
  • Not everyone can undertake an expensive and time consuming full 40 hour course, certification, or graduate degree program.  This two hour time commitment will give you the foundational understanding of the ecosystem and allow you to focus on your area of interest.



Online Course Outline

The CVMO is a highly selective two-hour overview course that offers participants a synopsis of in-vehicle technology, mobile devices and the infrastructure to support the industry.  Participants will be able to gain exposure to the connected vehicle ecosystem that is becoming part of the V2X, and V2D revolution.

Connected transportation offers substantial benefits, such as innovations in communications, navigation, infotainment and tracking vehicle operations. Through connected vehicle technology, the industry has the potential to create an environment where networked vehicles are aware of their operating environment (other vehicles, traffic control devices and current conditions) and can radically improve safety for and other road users such as motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Connected vehicle technology is evolving so rapidly that an information and skilled workforce gap is widening. Today's workforce needs to be highly skilled and flexible. The positions in highest demand are production workers, engineers and IT specialists needed to design and manufacture the next generation of vehicles.

Course Description

The CVMO is a condensed two-hour, on-line intro to Connected Vehicle concepts.  This course is intended to benefit participants who are interested in enhancing their professional credibility with a foundational understanding of concepts necessary to succeed within the connected vehicle field.

Course Objectives / Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify and define aspects of the connected vehicle ecosystem.
  • Discuss overarching trends, and impacts for safer, cleaner and more efficient transportation.
  • Identify basic advanced safety, information and entertainment systems.
    • Describe fundamental connected vehicle application variations (V2X, V2V, V2I, V2P) and begin to define their similarities and differences.
    • Reference global market differences
    • Identify predominant Connected Vehicle (CV) terms and primary application concepts.
  • Recognize general acronyms and terminology used in connected vehicle
Course Format

The CVMO is a fully online course.  Participants will access courseware in online format only. In this a web-based/online course, 100% of the course is conducted online and does not meet in person.

Content includes:

  • individual activities
  • presentation
  • assignments
  • discussion forums
  • testing
Course Assignments

Interactive exercises are included in the course presentation deck in the form of knowledge checks and independent reflection and evaluation. We encourage you to take full advantage of the possibilities suggested by the online environment. Participants will be asked to reflect on, summarize, analyze or synthesize ideas based on required and optional readings online. Participants will also be asked to complete online activities suggested by the nature of the course subject matter.

Participants are expected to view the course presentation material, complete successfully complete assignments and read online supplemental material to successfully complete the course.  Participants must score 70% or above on the online final assessment in order to earn a Mobile Comply Certificate of Completion.

Learning Management System

The course is being offered online. Participants will be issued a username and password. Upon receipt of credentials, participants may login to gain access to course material. The syllabus and presentation material are posted in the LMS.

Supplemental & Assigned Readings

Materials, such as websites and reports may be used throughout the course and will be provided to students online.


Prior to beginning the introduction module, students are required to complete reading assignments. Participants will receive access to the following materials upon registering.

  1. Mobile Comply, Connect Vehicles: The Promise, The Challenge, The Opportunity
  2. Connected Vehicle Acronym Dictionary
  3. Booz Allen Hamilton, Vehicle-Cyber-Security Viewpoint
  4. GSMA, mAuto Technology Roadmap
  5. Deloitte, Future-of-Mobility Reading Assignment 6 – USDOT, Connected Vehicle Fact Sheet



Course Sections

I. Introduction

  • About this course
  • About Mobile Comply 

II. What Is Connected Vehicle?

  • Definition
  • Connectivity

III. Connected Vehicle Market

  • Market Size
  • Growth Potential

IV. Stakeholders

  • Consumers
  • Automotive Industry
  • Wireless Carriers
  • App Providers
  • Governments

V. Technologies & Protocols

  • Communication
  • Infotainment
  • Wireless/Cellular
  • Software Architecture
  • Hardware Architecture
  • ADAS

VI. Connected Vehicle Contributors

  • Major Consortia
  • Programs
  • Standards

VII. Types of Vehicle Connectivity

  • V2X
  • V2V
  • V2I
  • V2P

VIII. Other Consideration

  • Security
  • Telematics
  • Near Term Trends and Considerations
  • Major Issues

IX. Course Summary

X. End of Course Assessment



About Mobile Comply

Mobile Comply is the global leader in Connected and Autonomous Vehicle certification and training. Mobile Comply’s team of subject matter experts, instructional designers, writers, editors and course instructors are headquartered in Michigan, the epicenter of the automotive world. Mobile Comply’s reach extends to a global network of hundreds of alliances from multiple industries contributing information daily on connected technology advancements, developments and breakthroughs. Mobile Comply’s experience with companies in this space drives the creation of the most informative and compelling instruction available anywhere.


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