You are one step closer to helping make history! 


$3,500.00  Raised

Last date to donate: 08/31/2016

Donation Amounts:

  • $25.00: Receive a special thank you via email and be a part of our mailing list with photos and updates.
  • $50.00: Your name will be posted to our website as a supporter, and we will keep you up to date on our progress.
  • $100.00: Your name will be placed on a brass plate to be added to the Wall of Honor on board the aircraft. This plaque will be permanently mounted inside the aircraft.
  • $500.00: Your name will be permanently placed on the nose gear door of the aircraft and your name will be carried during the ferry flight (space is limited).
  • $750.00: Your name will be permanently placed on the engine Nacelle before the flight (space is limited).

Keepsake items also available:

  • $1,000.00: Receive a custom-made headrest cover with your name to be carried on board the aircraft during the ferry flight. Once the aircraft has returned to Kansas City, we will mail you the headrest cover to keep as a token of our appreciation (limited number).
  • $1,200.00: Place your headrest cover on the Flight Engineer's seat
  • $1,500.00: Place your headrest cover on the Pilot or Co-Pilot seat.


National Airline History Musuem 
201 NW Lou Holland Drive
Hangar 9; Kansas City Downtown Airport
Kansas City, MO 64116

Driving Directions


John Roper 
National Airline History Museum 

You can help get the DC-8 home!

Bringing the historic DC-8 aircraft to Kansas City will provide a number of educational benefits. The DC-8 represents one of the first displays that highlight cargo operations and the importance to our world’s economy. We hope to build up more displays that include cargo loaders, containers and more. In addition, it will be used by AIM and high school programs. We even hope to bring NASA to the museum.

Arrival ceremony
Once we have the date set for the ferry flight, we will be making announcements and an arrival
ceremony will be held at the National Airline History Museum. We hope you will join us.

Fast Facts

  • Out of 556 built, only 5 left in service!
  • N41CX is our first international story!
  • Your support is tax deductable!

History of N41CX

  • Make: Douglas Commercial
  • Model: DC-8-62CF
  • Construction Number: 46129
  • Line Number: 523
  • Date of Manufacture February, 1970

A Long History of Service.

  • Apr 06, 1970 SAS Scandinavian Airlines
  • Apr 01, 1979 Scanair
  • Mar 02, 1982 Arista International Airlines
  • May 09, 1984 Thai Airways International
  • Jul 03, 1985 Royal Thai Air Force
  • Nov 10, 1989 Arrow Air
  • Feb 25, 1994 International Charter Express
  • Oct 01, 1994 Air Transport International
  • Oct 16, 2014 National Airline History Museum