Programming highlights and accomplishments of CORSE 2006- 2016  Thanks to you!:

CORSE started with a vision of 2 people, Marynell Henry and Tracy Johnston in January 2006, was incorporated as a non-profit on February 14, 2006 and has now grown to a board of 15 and a member constituency of over 3,000 participants - ALL  volunteers, representing parents of children with special needs, parents who have all typically developing children, educators and community members-  interested in supporting the Foundation’s efforts to provide the highest quality educational, social and recreational community experiences so children with special needs can participate alongside their friends and neighbors to reach their full potential.

  • CORSE has run 453 programs with 5,907 registrations and 949 volunteer mentors investing over @$835,000 back into our community through programming and resources.
  • 2016: South Shore Conservatory Community Partnership Award, Scituate Recreation Mr. C Community Spirit Award, Fox25 Hometown Team Award
  • 2015 Myra Kraft Community MVP Award second prize winner from the New England Patriots Foundation
  • 2014 primary speaker at the first Flutie Foundation Partner Summit to discuss our innovative model providing children opportunities for social development and an active lifestyle
  • 2011 Massachusetts Recreation and Park Association Program Outreach Award for our recreation programming that has demonstrated an exceptional benefit to the community. 
  • 2009 “Citizen of the Year” in Scituate
  • 2008 Massachusetts Community Partnership Award from the Federation for Children with Special Needs in recognition of our opportunities for inclusion of people with disabilities in the community. 
  • Integrated social development, academic, sports and camp programs that brings children of ALL abilities together
  • A specialized swim program that continues to sell out yearly
  • iCan Bike returns every 2-3 years to Scituate to teach kids how to ride a two-wheeler
  • Maritime Adventures integrated camp on beautiful Scituate Harbor
  • Customized Best Buddies models for Elementary, Middle and High Schools
  • SibShops for siblings of children with special needs
  • Let’s Go Community Events: movies, dining out, skiing
  • $10,000 provided annually to families for financial and/or accessibility assistance
  • Music therapy and yoga for the Early Childhood Center and the district’s intensive needs classrooms at Elementary, Middle and High School
  • A band consultant from South Shore Conservatory for the Middle School Band
  • Technology purchases, professional development and curriculum, including training presentations for staff and parents
  • HS scholarships given to students who overcome challenges utilizing special education services as well as dedicated CORSE volunteers

Ten years of successful programming and community integration have been accomplished, thanks to all those who supported over the decade. Because of our generous community, CORSE is able to continue providing high quality programs for ALL children in the community, regardless of need.  We are a model other communities across the state admire and recognize.   This foundation has increased understanding of friends’ and neighbors’ challenges of raising children with special needs and brought down many barriers.  Our community has grown tremendously closer.  Thank you for embracing CORSE, and we are forever grateful and appreciative of the kindness, compassion and character of the people within our community.  The success of CORSE is a reflection of your support, so these accomplishments are shared with you all. 



How do we make a difference?

Student Volunteers

  • The most rewarding aspect of my mentoring through CORSE is noticing the progress the children make and changes within myself.  As I grow, I can see the positive impact on the children I work with.  I am joyfully surprised each time I work with the children by their ever-expanding abilities and hearts.   I am now more confident myself and am proud to say I am seen as a role model.  I have transitioned into a leader because of working with children through CORSE, which has been the most fulfilling experience. 
  • In the beginning of working with CORSE, I was always nervous because of the unpredictable behavior that many of the students can have, and I wondered how I would be able to deal with these problems effectively.  I can proudly say that without the support, love and family attitude that CORSE offers to all of their mentors, I would not have been able to excel in these programs like I have.  They have guided me through ways to solve problems and handle situations that I have been able to apply to other situations in my life.  There has been nothing more powerful in my life than watching a student with disabilities grow over the years and see how much progress they have truly made, knowing that a small amount of that is because of me.  Many do not realize how much of an impact these children can have.  Even the smile that is on the kids’ faces when they see me, just gives me butterflies in my stomach.


Join us for our Circle of Giving 10 Year Campaign!

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Scituate CORSE Foundation (Community of Resources for Special Education)

       CORSE (Community of Resources for Special Education)           celebrated its 10th Anniversary on February 14, 2016.    Help us honor this milestone year!

        $5000 10th Anniversary Celebratory Sponsor                                 $2500 Devoted CORSE Sponsor                                           $1000 Loyal CORSE Sponsor                                For sponsorships of $1,000 or more, we are glad to work with you to be              the “official sponsor” of a program you would like these funds dedicated to         (i.e. Maritime Adventures, Best Buddies, iCan Bike)

$500 Sponsor will provide for:                                                                       -Recreation equipment                                                                                                          -One month of swim program                                                                                              -SHS scholarship for a graduating student receiving special education services          -Parent and staff training program 

$250 Sponsor will provide for:                                                                                  -Best Buddies field trip activity                                                                                             -Financial assistance for a child to attend a Maritime, iCan Bike or Summer camp     -Personal aide for a child needing assistance in a recreation program                           -Sports programs counselor salaries 

$100 Sponsor will provide for:                                                                                 -Bus for a Best Buddies program                                                                                         -Financial assistance for a child to attend a social, academic or sports program           -Angel tickets on the North Pole Express for a family of 4

$50 Sponsor will provide for:                                                                                    -Books or supplies for a social, academic or Best Buddies program                               -One session of Music Therapy or Yoga                                                                               -Financial assistance for a child to attend a summer social or academic program

$25 Sponsor will provide for:                                                                                     -Snacks for a social, academic or Best Buddies Program                                                  -Peer Mentor Thank You Gift                                                                                               -Angel ticket for a Child to Ride the North Pole Express

Multiple $10 donations add up quickly!!! Keep CORSE going strong for another 10 years!

                      All donations are tax-deductible with receipts provided                         Employer matching donations increase the impact of your contribution!


How do we make a difference?

To see CORSE kids grow through the 10 years, watch this video:

Parent and Guardian Quotes:

  • I am the legal guardian of my grandson who carries a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.   When he came to live with me full time, one of the biggest issues was finding affordable and accessible after school activities that were designed for students with special needs.   He has participated in numerous CORSE social groups, therapeutic horseback riding, summer day camp, sports and special events such as movies, ski trips, and the Polar Express holiday event.  Finding affordable activities that have a therapeutic element is extremely challenging.  Thanks to CORSE, my grandson has had the opportunity to try new things and to benefit from the skilled instructors and specialized activities designed for fragile learners like him. Therapists, doctors, and educators are always quick to point out to me, “how far” he has come.   A large part of his progress is due to his experiences in CORSE programs.  My grandson is learning how to be a friend and how to have a friend.  What experience could be more valuable for a child?
  • I cannot come up with a word bigger than THANK YOU for giving my son opportunities he would NEVER have had!!  He grew stronger socially and gained confidence in himself through these programs.  Every day that I picked him up, he was pink-cheek laughing and goofing off with his peers.  It’s awesome!  We could see more and more of who he is with your help.  This will always be an integral part of shaping the rest of his life!!!  His graduating with a REAL diploma was in part made possible by CORSE!
  • My son is 14 years old and he has Asperger Syndrome. How do I fully describe the joy and delight which these programs have added to his life? Participating in these groups has changed his life dramatically. For the first time he has been able to participate in fun and educational activities while receiving the proper support for his special needs. Prior to CORSE, he was wistful when he heard the announcements for programs and knew that his brothers and classmates were able to play and that he was not able to do so. Other programs did not have the proper support nor did they address his special needs. Any program which has been offered through CORSE has been incredible. My experience with CORSE has shown me that they will only hold programs with the proper staff, the proper support and the desire for the children to learn new skills while having fun in the process.  Through his involvement with CORSE, my son has become more confident, more willing to participate in new activities and has shown more pride in his accomplishments.