Monday April 4, 2016 from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM PDT
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This is a teleclass. After registering, you'll receive an email with the dial-in instructions. If you have any questions, please email Kim at the address below. 


Kim Hermanson, PhD 
Depth Psychology Alliance 
(415) 225-2990 

Deep Clarity & Metaphoric Wisdom Teleclass: A Depth Psychology Alliance Experiential Program 

Creative people always have a ton of ideas and…it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by so many options. Of course we can choose among many paths in life, but what is the path of our soul? In this teleclass, please bring your confusion and overwhelm with creative projects, relationships and/or life direction. Your questions for the metaphoric realm can be as specific or big as you like. Together we will tune into metaphoric wisdom where you will experience deep clarity about the issue at hand. 

Metaphor is more than a way of knowing. When we “step in” to a key metaphor, it brings us into a realm of powerful creative energies that lies below the surface of our consciousness. Through metaphor, we directly connect with the deep creative forces of our world; when we feel these potent energies, we naturally shift. 

We can spend lots of time learning techniques for how to make better decisions. We can make action plans, write lists of pros and cons, and study with experts. Or, we can tap into the imaginal realm, step into a pivotal metaphor and experience a shift that organically facilitates a change of being…in alignment with our greatest good.