Tips for Attending eBay Open 2017,
July 25-28 at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

  by Griff, Lee and Friends of eBay Radio (Tom, Gina, Char and Maureen)

1. First, know in advance how you’re getting from the airport to the hotel: hotel van? Bus? Taxi? Uber? It should cost $12 to $17 by cab, depending on traffic conditions. The MGM Grand has a van, but you’ll need to make arrangements for that in advance.

2. Bring a shawl, sweater or light jacket to event rooms, restaurants, casinos and other air-conditioned spaces, because it gets chilly indoors! Wearing sandals or flip-flops inside can cause cold feet, too. 

3. Bring more than one pair of comfortable shoes. Changing your shoes midday or evening can alleviate tired aching feet. Sometimes sneakers can feel hot in Vegas, but you may want a pair for hiking to, from and around the conference space.

4. Bring cooling devices — anything from neck coolers and old fashioned hand-held fans to a fan that runs on batteries to wear around your neck. Handkerchiefs are good to pack; they are a gentle, ladylike or manly way to wipe away the dew. Yes, it’s a dry heat, but dew happens. 

5. The less makeup you wear, ladies (and gentlemen), the better. Use a good moisturizer with high SPF, but forego the heavy eye and face makeup. It will just melt and make you look like the gal from Sunset Boulevard. 

6. Business cards are still in style, and they’re great for networking. Be sure to get as well as give them, and if possible, make a note on each as to how you plan to follow up with that person.

7. Save time for yourself while you’re in Vegas. Stretch the budget for one room service meal or tickets to a show, take a long bubble bath, or enjoy some time at the hotel spa or pool. 

8. Download the eBay Open 2017 mobile app, which should be available on opening day of the event.

9. Use the hotel's concierge desk for information on where to go, how to get there, etc. Don’t forget to tip him or her once they’ve helped you!

10. Vegas is casual, so there’s no need to bring gowns or formalwear, unless you want to. Shorts are good if you are going outside, but event rooms, casinos and restaurants may be too cold for most shorts.

11. On your first day in Vegas, get a 24-hour bus pass, climb up to the upper deck — the busses are double-deckers — and ride up and down the Strip to see what’s there and what you might want to do while you’re in town.

12.  Stay hydrated. Remember, Las Vegas is in the Mojave Desert!

13. Keep an energy-boosting snack in your pocket or purse to keep your energy level from flagging and your blood sugar stable.

14. Find out what the schedule is for eBay Radio, so you can map out your time to be there and participate in the tip line to win a $25 gift certificate for shipping supplies from Bubblefast.

15. Check out the overall schedule for eBay Open, so you don’t miss anything. 

16. Keep dollar bills handy for tipping. You’ll be tipping a lot of different people in Vegas, from the cab driver to the chambermaid to the concierge, so be prepared.

17. Don’t over-imbibe. Booze causes hangovers and dehydration — not a good thing, especially in extreme heat conditions.

18. If you have health conditions that would preclude you from walking without pain, such as arthritis, you may want to pay a visit to your doctor in advance of your trip. There are some things your doctor can do to temporarily alleviate your pain. If you need a wheelchair, notify the hotel in advance to have one ready for you.

19. Divide and conquer. You and your friends can attend different workshops and read notes later at lunch, etc., to share information within your group.

20. Come enjoy eBay Radio live during eBay Open 2017! Showtimes are: Tuesday, 3pm-4 pm PT; Wednesday, 12:45pm-2pm PT; and Thursday, 10am-11:30 am.

 eBay Radio LIVE from eBay Open 2017

Tuesday, 7/25: 3pm-4pm PT (before the Welcome Reception; come help us get the party started!)

Wednesday, 7/26: 12:45pm-2pm PT (get your lunch, then join us for guests, prizes and surprises!)

Thursday, 7/27: 10am-11:30am PT (featuring our annual Best eBay Outfits Contest at 10:30am!)

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