Manny Sarmiento - Presenter
President & C.E.O.
New Media/New Marketing


Saturday, February 27, 2016 
from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM EDT

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Special Fee: $197.00
Regular Fee: $297.00


Doral Chamber of Commerce Training Center
8181 NW 36th Street
Suite 21-A
Doral, FL 33166

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Want to Get Published on Kindle? It's easy!

"How to Write, Publish and Market Your Book
in 29 Days or Less"
- Miami Workshop

    • A book will change your life!
    • A book is a calling card!
    • A book is "Expert" status!
    • A book is an ice-breaker!
    • A book can earn you a stream of income!
    • Yes, You Can Write, Publish and Market a Book!
    • Yes, You Can Profit from Your Books!
    • Yes, You Can Afford to Publish your Book!

I used to think that it was difficult, expensive and near impossible to write and publish a book. But after I researched it, I found how easy it is! I also learned how to profit from my book and it's accompanying products.


I've been teaching workshops, seminars and classes for over 5 years, usually in Social Media, SEO and Internet Marketing.


I decided to run the "How to Write, Publish and Market Your Book in 29 Days or Less" workshop to teach others how they can do what I did!


My workshop is different! Why? Because this workshop is practical! I will show you real steps to successfully Write Your Book, how to Publish it without breaking the bank, and how to profit from your book and it's accompanying products and services!


This is a hands-on, practical workshop designed to teach you the steps to writing, publishing, and marketing YOUR own bestseller!
Enroll Now!


Module 1: Writing YOUR Book
-Reasons to Write a Book
-Can You Make Money with Your Book?
-Selecting a Title
-SEO / Memorable
-Structuring Your Book
-Outline / Points / Begin
-Organizing Binders
-Writing Your Book
-Options for Writing a Book
-Book Options
-Size / Pages / Hard vs. Soft Cover
-Design, Type, Layout
-Scheduling Your Times
-Becoming a Book Writing Machine
-Questions & Answers

Module 2: Publishing YOUR Book
-Publishing Options
-Self-publishing vs. Traditional Publishing
-Preparing Your Book for Publishing
-Becoming a Publishing Company
-ISBN / Bokker / Bar Code
-Cover Design
-Judge a Book by It's Cover
-Book Design
-Printed Book
-Hardcover vs. Paperback
-Kindle Books
-Kindle Options
-Pricing Your Kindle Book
-E-book Option
-Questions & Answers

Module 3: Marketing YOUR Book
-Traditional Publisher
-Self-marketing Your Book
-Website for Your Book
-Social Media Options
-You, the Author - One-Sheet
-Marketing Outlets
-Local Booksellers
-Barnes & Noble, BAM, others
-Pricing Your Book
-Book Promotion
-One-sheet, Credentials
-Press Release
-Blogs, Video, Social Media
-Article Writing
-Articles Sites
-Speaking Engagements
-Book review
-Questions & Answers

Module 4: Making Real Money with YOUR Book and More...
-Where the Real Money is in Publishing the $1,000,000 Product Line
-Information Products
-The Product Pipeline
-Book / Ebook / CDs / DVDs / Mixed Products
-Marketing Your Information Products
-Seminar Marketing
-Workshops, Seminars, Courses, Boot Camps, Retreats
-Questions & Answers