Protect Your Money
(and Avoid Common Estate Planning Mistakes!)

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Just some of what you will learn:

  • Steps that will help you protect your money from long-term care costs

  • Ways to qualify for Medicaid and keep your assets

  • How to title your assets properly in your Will

  • How to avoid estate planning mistakes

  • Tools to minimimize or reduce estate and gift taxes

  • How inheritance taxes effect your estate plan

  • Learn how to use Medicaid for nursing home expenses
  • Reasons to appoint a conservator

  • How to accommodate change-repeal of tranfer taxes

  • Strategies for  when and if you should transfer your home to your children

  • How to know if you need a long-term care insurance policy

The seminars are from 6:30-8:00 pm and include complimentary coffee and dessert.

The Mill on the River
989 Ellington Road
South Windsor, CT 06074

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FREE Estate Planning Seminars

Join us for coffee and dessert...and learn the steps you can take to:

  • Preserve what you've worked for  
  • Protect your loved ones, and  
  • Reduce the stress that accompanies the financial and healthcare
    that come with change.

  • Attend and you'll take home ideas you can put in 
    place right away.

    Estate Planning: Don't make these mistakes
    March 10, 6:30-8pm Attorneys Brendan F. Daly and Carmine Perri
    You may think that drafting an estate plan is straightforward, but in reality, if you do it wrong, you’re jeopardizing everything you’ve worked for. Just because you have a Will or trust doesn’t mean you’ve covered your bases. We’ll share real-life stories, showing you the dangers of common estate planning mistakes such as using incorrect phrases in your documents or omitting important ones. Failing to fund or revoke a living trust, using ambiguous provisions, titling assets improperly and not updating beneficiary designations are just some of the blunders you must avoid!
    Planning for Long-Term Care: Understanding Medicaid and protecting your assets
    March 17, 6:30-8pm Attorney Brendan F. Daly
    Connecticut has the 2nd highest cost of long-term care in the nation. So unless you're planning to leave the state, you need to protect yourself and your retirement assets from long-term care costs. Should you give your home to your children? How can you get the State to pay for nursing home and home care? How can you qualify for Medicaid benefits while keeping your assets? If you know the rules and plan ahead, you can still protect your hard-earned assets.
    Worried about Estate and Gift Taxes? Learn ways to reduce or eliminate them
    March 23, 6:30-8pm Attorney Paul T. Czepiga

    Should you be concerned that estate taxes may eat into your estate? We’ll help you understand if you’re at risk, and explain which estate planning tools and strategies can eliminate and minimize your overall tax exposure. Learn about how inheritance taxes work, how Connecticut tax rules are stricter than federal rules, and the ins and outs of making gifts.