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For details about the Supplier Portal and Monthly Sponsored Email blasts please contact: 

Esme Lombard
Vice President, NYSWA Communications

For details about the Network for the Network Sponsorships and to host an event in your area please contact: 

Adrian Berezowsky
Vice President, NYSWA Events












 All New 2016

NYSWA Sponsorship Opportunities 


Now NYSWA sponsors have three ALL NEW opportunities to become a sponsor in 2016. There are many benefits about the new sponsorship opportunities. Each sponsorship opportunity involves email blasts and the ability to feature your company to NYSWA’s membership of over 5,500 members and an email list of over 8,000.  All email blasts include social media sharing on NYSWA’s Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages 

View the list below, choose the option that works best for your organization and hit "Register Now" which will allow you to purchase the sponsorship immediately.  

  • Monthly Sponsored Email Blast – Limited to 12 per year. Cost: $2200 per blast. Limit: One per sponsor.  This sponsorship is an email blast that takes the format of an interview of your company by NYSWA. It is meant to feature your company while being informational. A list of interview questions will be provided to you to choose from. All you need to do is supply your logo and the responses and NYSWA will do the rest. Putting your information into a branded template with your company logo and information featured prominently and sent to our mailing list.
  • NYSWA Supplier Portal: Let New York get to know the “Who’s Who” of wireless infrastructure vendors.  Get connected via a business listing on our new portal. The supplier portal will be announced on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as a reminder to our members and followers to join and frequent the portal for vendors, suppliers and expertise in infrastructure matters.  The layout of the new portal will be similar to that of NYSWA’s Strategic Partner page. NYSWA will perform outreach throughout the year reminding people of the Supplier Portal. The cost for an annual posting on NYSWA’s supplier portal is $250 per year. A minimum of 4 outreach emails and social media blasts will be performed by NYSWA in general about the supplier portal (not to each specific company who posts).
  • Network for the Network Sponsor. To be considered as a N4N sponsor, please email Adrian Berezowsky, NYSWA’s VP of Events and let him know you wish to sponsor an N4N event. He will work with you on the location, date and time. You supply the rest. NYSWA will send multiple email blasts (guaranteed 2) advertising the event with your company figured  prominently in the email. Cost to sponsor an N4N event: $2500.

Click here to see full details on  NYSWA's website!