Gloria & Kim: The Run On Sentence of Us

Once upon a time… 
Okay -- more like actually, for reals…
Okay -- more like “So, this is how it happened…”

More like an inspiring back and forth of teacher-becomes-the-student and student-becomes-the-teacher and lunches and coffee dates and shared birthdays and laughter and jokes and art and inspiring stories of our parents and mentors and those who came before and the college-two-step for our kids and my business launching and her business growing and the thriving businesses of our friends filling our lungs with air and light and inspiration and then more lunches and coffees and a serendipitous meeting at a weekend workshop where we say: what if we did this, what if we did that, what if we included naps and what if we and...


…and so we did and so here we are and it’s fun and focused and freeing and fun and it’s May 13 - 15, 2016.

It is the very best of both of our worlds and ideas and words and exercises and love of food and coffee and need for vision and clarity and humor…
…and naps.
…and helpful checklists.



Friday May 13, 2016 at 7:00 PM PDT
Sunday May 15, 2016 at 5:00 PM PDT

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Kim Maxwell Studio
226 W. Ojai, Ave., #102
Ojai, CA 93023

Driving Directions


Gloria Miele, Ph.D.

A women's writing retreat for leadership, laughter and relentless self-care.

FRIDAY - SUNDAY, MAY 13 – 15, 2016

The first step to becoming a stronger leader is to combine knowing who you are with how you work best in order to illuminate a fulfilling vision for your future.

Treat yourself to a wildly inspiring, fun and rejuvenating weekend where your personal stories collide with your personal strengths, and a well-rested, authentic, visionary leader emerges -- refreshed and ready for Monday.

WHO: Leaders, up-and-coming leaders and people who don’t even know they’re leaders yet.

WHY: In our hectic, overextended lives, it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves. What if the solution to igniting our leadership superpowers included adding a little time for ourselves? Acknowledging and building on our strengths? And learning how to carry those skills wherever we go? You will create a written vision for yourself as a leader so you can show up fully engaged, thriving and from a genuine place of strength.

WHAT: A two-and-a-half day workshop by leadership maven and clinical psychologist Gloria Miele, Ph.D. and master-storyteller, director and public speaking coach Kim Maxwell. Find Your Voice takes you through the process of reclaiming the experiences in your life through writing, creative reflection and practicing self-care habits through yoga, nappy time and delicious food in a room full of like-minded and equally inspiring and resilient women who just need a little space to step into what’s next.


FRIDAY - 7:00 - 10:00 PM
Meet and greet, story swapping, with games and refreshments.

SATURDAY - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Free writes, discussion, more games, an amazing lunch,  yoga and more free writes, as your vision starts to  come into focus.

SUNDAY - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Free writes, discussion, another amazing lunch,  more yoga, your top 3 to-dos and the launching of  your vision loudly and unapologetically into the world.




Sign up by April 15th for REDUCED RATE: $400

Sign up by April 15h for REDUCED GROUP RATE: 2-for-$750

"Gloria is a wonderful facilitator. She made me feel comfortable and safe sharing in a group, something that can be hard for me. I discovered things about my strengths that I hope to continue developing.”           
~ Kat Armstrong, Ventura College Foundation

“Kim’s method comes from a hard-earned knowledge of who she is. She is fearless – so her students write fearlessly. Above all, she’s accepting and loving – which means her students use their writing as a path to acceptance and love. The readings of her students work are thrilling because you are watching young people grow into themselves before your very eyes.”               
~ Bill Cain, Playwright & Steinberg New Play Award Winner & Terrence McNally New Play Award Winner

"Gloria meets people where they are and brings them to the next step."                               ~ Karen Skole, COO, Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast 

“Kim brings out the very best in her students. I have met her students, and all of them share one thing; They Believe In Themselves. And every one of those students gave me hope. Good teachers are the only miracle left in American life now. They are idealists and beacons. Kim shows her students how to trust themselves, and their voices, and most of all – their potential.” 
~ Jon Robin Baitz, Playwright & 2012 Pulitzer Finalist

"Gloria was a positive force at our annual staff retreat day! Her presentation was personal, energetic, fun and applicable. Gloria's positive approach, good humor and communication skills provided the perfect combination for an outstanding presentation. The information and insights she provided will definitely assist me in my approach to work-life balance."     ~ Michelle Saucedo, Graduate Admission Counselor, California Lutheran University. 

“Okay, so you could say that Kim is teaching theater, but she’s not.
She’s really teaching being alive."  
~ Peter Bellwood, Parent & Screenwriter


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