Steve Hansen 
Utah Down Syndrome Foundation 


UDSF is thankful to SelectHealth for underwriting a major portion of the Peer Presentation Tool Kit. The foundation hopes to be able to offer this free tool kit for years to come. Please consider making a donation to help aide in the continuation this program. 

Peer Presentation Tool Kit 

Utah Down Syndrome Foundation is proud to offer FREE Peer Presentation Tool Kits to Utah families! The kit is intended for parents and caregivers of elementary age children, and is designed to help teach your child's classmates about Down syndrome and help foster acceptance and inclusion. Each kit includes:

- A booklet with 18 ideas for teaching about Down syndrome

- A children's storybook about Down syndrome

- Marshmallows, cotton balls, and an oven mitt to help demonstrate speech, hearing, and fine motor challenges

- Personalized stickers and take-home letters

In addition, UDSF has produced and published an animated video titled "Down Syndrome 101" to use as part of the peer presentation.  This video is published on YouTube, here

*Kits are offered free to Utah families who have a child with Down syndrome.  All others, please contact 801-503-5086.