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This year’s Forum, Diverse Opportunities to Create New Successes, will feature roundtable discussions.  Each attendee may register for one roundtable only.  (Please note that the roundtables will be taking place simultaneously so you may only register for one.  Additional registrations will be cancelled.)

Please select the one roundtable you would like to attend from those listed below.

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Considering Certification? What's Involved & What it Can Do for You

Learn the differences between the federal DBE/ACDBE program and the City of St. Louis' local M/WBE program and about certification requirements, the certification process, and the possible benefits.

i-Supplier @ Bi-State Development

Doing business with Bi-State Development and how the DBE program factors into the equation.

Connecting with Kozeny-Wagner Construction

Learn what prime contractors are looking for in subcontractors and suppliers; upcoming subcontracting opportunities with Kozeny-Wagner; common hurdles small businesses encounter breaking into the construction contracting industry and how to overcome them.

SBA & Your Business: Counseling, Capital, and Contracting Assistance

Learn about services offered for your business by the Small Business Administration.

How to Market Your Business as an M/WBE

Have a certification just sitting on a shelf? Put your certifications to work for you as an effective marketing tool.

Design Projects at Lambert

Open discussion about the design and professional services process at Lambert including looking at current and upcoming opportunities and the professional service RFQ process.

Construction Projects at Lambert

Open discussion about construction projects at Lambert including looking at current and upcoming opportunities and the bid letting process.

Bidding Projects to Win!

Discuss upcoming opportunities with Orf Construction and how Orf Construction packages bids to provide opportunities to smaller firms; how to submit bids to allow general contractors to analyze them; common problems that smaller firms face when bidding projects; and, bid day timelines.

Financing Your Business for Growth

Discussion will focus on financing, insurance and bonding relationships, cash flow needed and the ability to manage profitable growth as a business increases revenue and opportunities.

Understanding Goals and Good Faith Efforts

Have you ever wondered how project goals for participation of minority, women and disadvantaged business enterprises are determined? Or, what it takes to make a good faith effort toward achieving these goals? If so, then this is your chance to discuss those questions with the airport's BDD experts.

What's a Joint Venture & How Can It Help Me Grow My Business?

Joint ventures can be a great way to grow your firm's reach and increase capacity. Learn what they are and how they can fit into your business' strategic plans.

Conversations for Suppliers

Discuss how suppliers fit into programs designed to level the playing field for minority and women owned businesses. And how these businesses can be most competitive.

Bonding Assistance & Education

Learn about the U.S. Department of Transportation's programs to assist firms access bonding.

Working with MSD

Learn about opportunities with the Metropolitan Sewer District.

Branding Your Firm

Learn from the owner of a local, award-winning, certified firm how to create your business brand and what that means for your future success.

MBE Business Success - Challenges & Strategies

Small Business comes with challenges and pitfalls that can doom a great idea if the owner(s) are not prepared or realize the sacrifice and demands that come with the territory.  Most fail for a host of reasons, but it doesn’t have to happen to YOU.

Working with Lambert: Service Contracts

Open discussion about current and upcoming bid opportunities for services at the airport and the solicitation process.

Working with Lambert: Fleet Supplies and Equipment

Operations and maintenance departments discuss Lambert's proccess for procuring fleet supplies and equipment.

Evolution of Diversity

Minority and majority owned firms can learn about the evolution of diversity in business and how it makes businesses more competitive and the market more effective.

St. Louis Development Corporation

Discussion will center around the services provided by SLDC to the business community and upcoming development projects for 2016.

How to Maximize Your Return on Investment in the Construction Industry

Learn how to maximize your return on investment in the construction industry.

What’s the Recipe for Business Success?

Far too many entrepreneurs launch their dream businesses without preparing all the ingredients. Discuss how to structure your business entity, how to comply with rigorous tax and reporting requirements, how to sell your product/service, how to deploy people and resources, and how to know if your business is winning.


Business Diversity Development 
Lambert St. Louis International Airport