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Pine Financial Group 


Saturday May 7, 2016 from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM MDT

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PPA Events Center 
2105 Decatur Street
Denver, CO 80211

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Real Estate Investor Success Summit Spring 2016

We said it in the fall but will say it again.... The Market is Hot Hot Hot... Are you in the game or on the sideline?

According to a recent survey, eight out of ten millionaires made their money in real estate.  Do you know where the ultra-rich make their money?  According to Forbes richest 400 people, real estate sits behind only technology as the best way to make a fortune.  You can take the luck out of your future by investing in a real asset like real estate.  Real Estate is the best sure fire way to wealth!

Join Pine Financial Group and Your Castle Real Estate for a one of a kind event, again. This is a full day of education and networking for $15 and there will be a happy hour following the summit.  Your first drink is on us!  I know there have been a lot of deals done and money made just at the Happy Hour after the event.  That alone is worth the price!!



Please join us for another fantastic real estate education event with NO SALES PITCHES!!!  We will have several speakers in breakout sessions and one great expert panel so you can choose what you will learn all day long.  Learn from the best local experts in our market.  There is no substitute for networking with and learning from locals doing what you want to be doing.

We are loading up this event to be sure you go home knowing this is the best thing you could have done on a Spring Saturday.  Plus we are throwing in our special networking happy hour following the event.  We will buy you a drink to say thank you for coming to the event.

If you have joined us in the past for the Success Summit you know this is THE must-attend event in town. If this is your first time, come see why! 


Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • What type of deals are working in this market 
  • How to make moeny investing in commercial real estate
  • How to rehab your rentals for huge profits
  • How to systemitize your real estate business to live the life of your dreams
  • Tons of free legal advice from our panel of experts
  • One easy way to save thousands on your material costs

Plus get a chance to network with local expert speakers, vendors and guests that can help you accelerate your business and become the super investor you have wanted to be.  

Real Estate is the #1 Fastest and Easiest Way to wealth and has proven to be a money maker for some of the richest people in the world!!

How would you like to learn about real estate from local experts? All of our speakers have made their money in real estate.  Come learn what they did! 

Do you need help staying motivated during difficult times? How would you like to let us buy your a drink while you mingle with the best and the brightest in the Colorado real estate investing business?  Learn from people on the ground in Colorado that are out there doing deals and making money today.  Free up your calendar on May 7, 2015 because that is exactly what you are going to get!  Pine Financial Group, Inc. and Your Castle Real Estate are teaming up to bring you a one of a kind content-rich event AGAIN!!! 

Click Here to Register For Only $15

Registration begins at 8:00 and the event kicks off at 8:30.  You will hear from a handful of hand-selected experts with no sales pitches, period.  We want to help you accomplish your goals.  Please understand that we make our money doing deals, not selling books, tapes, or coaching.  Let us educate you and then let's do some deals together.  

We continue to improve the event with prior ateendees' feedback, giving you - the investor - the most up-to-date information from professionals in your very own market. 

We have TWO motivations for taking the time and money to practically give this away: 

  1. It is important to give back to the community that has helped us become successful
  2. We want to grow our network and meet new people like you so we can do more deals

Check out what some past attendees had to say about the ISS:

"This Success Summit is an amazing opportunity to learn, network, and grow your business.  I look forward to attending every year and you should too!  Sign up now; you will be happy you did."

Aaron Lebovic: Director - Denver Board of Realtors

"It was fantastic! I was a beginning investor with only one property struggling to find the financing for my second deal. I’ve since closed 4 more deals that I wouldn’t have been able to do without Pine Financial. Also the networking opportunities have been great. Being able to discuss deals with other investors, find contractors and property managers has been crucial in allowing us to grow our investment portfolio."

Scott Eskridge: Mortgage Broker, Leader One Financial

"The Investor Success Summit was a powerful networking event for me and my company.  The educational value from the speakers was great and really opened my eyes to how I can improve and expand my business.  It was also the best networking event that I have been to in years.  Every person I spoke to, including vendors, added value to my business and I was seen as a value to theirs.  As a wholesaler, I could not have asked for a better event."

John Brokken, Investor



Please check back for all the info on our expert speakers and the topics they'll be presenting.


Panel of Experts

This year's panel is loaded with attorneys. Where else can you get all the free legal advice you can handle?

Just one idea from one speaker or one attendee can make you

$30,000 or more this year!

By giving up $15 and one little Saturday you can change your financial life forever. Imagine this:

  • No need to worry about living pay check to pay check
  • Have a cushion of money in your bank account to fall back on
  • No more answering to a boss and showing up to work on time
  • No more stress about driving in traffic
  • Go where you want when you want
  • Live FREE!!!

Life is good when you are on top and we can help you get there. 

It is time to take control of you financial life.  It is so simple and it starts with this event.  There is no better value on real estate education PERIOD.  We talk to people all the time that have spent $20,000 to $30,000 to learn less than half of what they will learn at this event.  This type of event normally sells for $1,000 to $2,000 but you wont pay near that.   We make NO money from this so we just need to raise enough to cover our costs.  

Learn from and network with top local experts for just $15!!!!!

Here is our promise to you.  If you dont think this is the absolute best real estate event in Denver we will give you 100% of you money back no questions asks.  That means you get the entire day of eduction and networking with no sales pitches FREE.  There is NO RISK to attend and everything to gain.

Did we mention the Happy Hour?