October 7, 2016

8:20 am to 5:00 pm CDT

Arrive early to tour the garden before programs begin. Introduction begins at 8:20 am.


Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden, Rosine Hall
8525 Garland Rd
Dallas, TX 75218







Steven Still
Perennial Plant Association
614-771-8431  ppa@perennialplant.org


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Presented by the Perennial Plant Association

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Are you a designer, landscaper, grower, retailer or garden writer in the South? We all face growing challenges when it comes to navigating the impact of extreme weather conditions, while still creating beautiful landscapes. Intense heat, drought and flooding are impacting both how we do business, what we sell and the landscapes we create.

We’ve brought together an inspiring and knowledgeable group of speakers to address sustainability issues, with landscape aesthetics in mind. With a focus on perennial plants, speakers will cover topics such as native plants, heat and drought tolerant plant selections, landscape restoration, organic versus sustainable plant production for growers, an update on rose rosette disease and using plants with a purpose.

Join us to learn important information to help your business adapt to sustainability concerns, but also keeping up with garden trends. Don’t miss out on our 2nd PPA event here in the South. We look forward to seeing those who attended last year, plus new faces in 2016!

Morning break/coffee & lunch included. Lunch: 12pm-1pm 

TOUR the DABS trial gardens with Jenny Wegley, Director of Horticulture & DABS Staff 12:30pm-1:30pm

PUBLIC DAY: Saturday, October 8th, Dallas Arboretum, DABS members, Master Gardeners, gardening public. 

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Kelly Norris, Author “Plants with Style,” Director of Horticulture, Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden 

3:15PM - 4:30PM  Plants with Style

Gardeners need chic, sustainable, thriving plants for modern lifestyles. Why settle for lackluster gardens filled with dull, ho-hum plants? Plants after all are the very essence of fashionable gardening. In this spirited, provocative lecture, 20-something plantsman Kelly Norris calls for a garden revolution: Out with boring plants and in with stylish alternatives that captivate and enthrall. A passionate horticulturist and lifelong gardener, Kelly is the ideal guide to the botanical riches available to today’s gardeners. In chapters on environment, structure, seasonal standouts, and plant combinations he shines a spotlight on the A-list plants in every category—plants that will thrive, not merely survive. Along the way, he shows you how to forge a personal style in harmony with your garden’s setting and local environment. As Kelly puts it, “A garden is the best way to savor life on earth.

Lloyd Traven, Owner, Peace Tree Farm
1:45PM – 3:00PM Organic Versus Sustainable Plant Production

Sustainable, organic, Certified Organic, Naturally-Grown, MPS, Veriflora, GAP-Certified, GMO-Free, local, Fair Trade, so many names, so many initials, but do they actually mean something? Well, some REALLY do, and some are just 'feel-good', but how do you know the difference, and how do we convey the reality to the consumer? Let's talk about what they mean and what matters. Let's be blunt--as if Lloyd ever filters what he says!!--sustainable and Certified Organic both have meaning as well as great real value, but are often in direct opposition to each other, and it is important to decide what you need and what your customer really wants you to do, so how do we make them coexist? Real world techniques for growers and retailers, concentrating on propagation and potted perennial production. He covers insect pests, while focusing on sanitation, disease complexes and thwarting them without harsh chemicals. They are also practices you can use to show your customers, retail or wholesale, that you care about them, the planet, and the future. (+ Public Day) 

Presented by Eason Horticultural Resources 

Susan Martin, Owner of Gardener Sue’s News

10:40AM - 11:50AM Moving Beyond Pretty: Plants with Bonus Points

When the plant catalogs begin to arrive, our eyes are filled with botanical eye candy of every color, shape and size. We want them all, of course. The challenge is to look beyond the pretty flowers and actively seek out perennial plants that deliver more…more color in shade, food for pollinators, greater durability, and visual interest through all four seasons. As you begin to see plants from a new perspective, consider developing new ways of marketing and merchandising them according to the benefits they offer, not just their pretty colors. We’re moving beyond pretty and into the realm of more. 

Presented by Southwest Perennials, Inc. 

Dr. Kevin Ong, Associate Professor & Extension Plant Pathologist, Texas A&M University

9:45AM – 10:30AM Rose Rosette Disease Update

What do we really know about rose rosette disease? There is much information that is circulated and various treatment suggestions are claimed as effective. But what do we really know about this disease? We will explore historical scientific data to see what was said and proven previously, and how this information forms the basis of current work and progress on this disease, the pathogen and vector that transmit the pathogen. An update of current research in rose rosette will be shared. 

Presented by Living Earth 

Andrea DeLong-Amaya, Director of Horticulture, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center 

8:30am-9:30am Native Plants for Southern Landscapes

Are you interested in saving water, reducing pesticide and fertilizer use, and improving the wildlife habitat on your property but don’t want a “zeroscape”? Andrea DeLong-Amaya, director of horticulture at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas, will introduce you to a high performing southern native perennial plants suitable for various home landscape situations to help you achieve your landscape goals. Understanding ideal growing conditions, best maintenance techniques for each species, and where to look for more gardening guidance is critical for success and will also be discussed in this presentation.


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