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Kari Hoien
KJ Consulting and Training, LLC

Excel Macros Made Easy (2013/2016)
Learn to easily create simple macros in Excel that will save you hours of time.

Remember - if you can't make the class - you can purchase it anyway and we will send you the recorded class for you to play back at your leisure.

Have you always thought macros sounded difficult? Wish you knew when to use Macros? Would you like to learn to create a simple macro? Would you like to know when the right time to create a macro is?  Join us for a lesson on when and how to create simple macros in Excel.

Topics which will be covered include:

  • Learn when you should create a macro
  • Learn to create a simple macro.
  • Learn to edit or review existing macros
  • Learn to create shortcut keys for macros
and MORE...