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In Troy, Michigan (USA)
Half-day Workshop on June 17, 2016 - $350 per person

Presented by Sam Yankelevitch

Have you ever thought about how cultural differences impact your company’s results? In the automotive industry where every second counts- we cannot let the so called “soft” issues affect our quality, delivery or cost. Sam Yankelevitch was the VP and General manager of a German based automotive company, responsible for their Mexico operations. In addition to providing deep knowledge about what culture is and details about our neighbors south of the border, he keeps the focus on how it all relates to a fast paced and extremely competitive environment. Sam and his partners at Xpress Lingo Solutions have successfully delivered multiple intercultural workshops at BMW Manufacturing Corp and several automotive supply chain partners.

Mexico: Our Automotive Neighbor to the South

Any organization with operations south of the border has become interdependent with their suppliers or sister plants where people from other cultures have to interact and collaborate effectively.

Awareness of our cultural differences has become a critical topic to help avoid costly misunderstandings that are still impacting the way we get things done. Beside the technical skills required to remain competitive, we are increasingly requiring communication and intercultural skills.

Our half-day seminar will provide you with the practical knowledge, tools and tips you need to understand how culture can get in the way and how to improve the way we do business together.

What you will learn

  • Why investing time to form personal relationships with your Mexican partners quickly pays off.
  • How to ensure your message is understood clearly so things get done as intended.
  • Apply lean concepts such as standard work, PDCA and root cause analysis to improve your intercultural communication process.
  • Cultural dimensions that can create difficult situations that can impact your execution.
  • A framework to enable discussing intercultural differences in a respectful way to help drive excellent collaboration.
  • Every participant will receive a workbook with the seminar content and the powerpoint slides of the seminar.

Who should attend

  • Executives and Managers
  • Supply Chain Professionals
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Supplier Quality Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Other functions that interact with personnel from Mexico



8:00am - Registration and networking

8:30am - Introductions and definitions of culture

-   Low vs. high context cultures: the subtle differences in patterns of communications that affect how we get the job done

-   Individualist and collectivist cultures: what we value most and how it relates to better teamwork

-   Low vs. high power distance: how people interact when the leader is in the room

-   Monochronic time vs. polychronic time: is one task at a time or multitasking best?

10:45am - Break

11:00am - Breaking the ice, establishing relationships and creating trust

-   How to create agreements to ensure a clear shared understanding

-   Keeping the focus on execution while maintaining respect

-   Effective face to face and virtual meetings

-   Key technical words you should know in Spanish

12:15pm - Questions and Recommendations

12:30pm - Seminar conclusion


What Others Said About Previous Workshops

  • "The direct use of automotive terms and how they relate to cultures made a lot of sense."
  • "Sam provided a structure to communicate properly."
  • "I will definitely pass along the information to my team who deals in and with Mexico."
  • "The role plays help enhance the understanding of the subject."
  • "Sam has a profound understanding of the Mexican culture. For an outsider, the info provided was very beneficial."
  • "Very down to earth. We need to understand who we are interacting with."
  • "I can apply better communication skills."

And a note from one of our German clients:

“Ich wollte mich bei Ihnen fuer den exzellenten Workshop bedanken. Auch nach fuenf Jahren in den USA konnte ich noch viel dazu lernen”.

Translation: I wanted to thank you for the excellent workshop. Even after five years in the United States I learned a lot.

Onsite Workshops at your company are also available

If you are interested in hosting this Workshop for your management and staff at your company's site, please contact us.


About Presenter & Workshop Facilitator

Sam Yankelevitch is an author, entrepreneur and seasoned business leader, whose expertise is focused on the problems organizations are experiencing in the increasingly complex 21st century. A former VP and general Manager of Prettl Electric Corp., a German automotive supplier, Sam was responsible for the company’s US and Mexico operations.

He is currently the CEO of Xpress Lingo Solutions, a leader in cultural and language programs specializing in the automotive sector’s growing need for clear focus, aligned teams and fast response.

Xpress Lingo Solutions has worked with BMW Manufacturing on several successful intercultural projects where Americans, Germans, Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans and others need to work together in a very fast paced and demanding environment. Sam and his partners have positively tied intercultural issues to performance and have provided multiple solutions in their work with BMW.

Sam is the author of Lean Potion #9- Communication: The Next Lean Frontier and Lean Communication: Applications for Continuous Process Improvement, where he combines his lean journey and over 30 years of direct operational experience toward solutions for reducing the waste rooted in distance, language and culture.