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Tuesday April 12, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM CDT
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Mary Jo McCabe 
Mary Jo McCabe 

Building Your Own Bridge Through Intuition 

I recently asked Facebook followers which topic they would like our next teleconference to feature.

The Number One request?  How to do what I do.

With that in mind:

Be one of six participants on our next special Intuition Teleconference on Tuesday evening, April 12th.  

This will be different than our other teleconferences in that advanced homework will be given to prepare for the evening. 

The first step toward interpreting your own messages and answering your own questions begins with interpreting your dreams.  Developing that “skill” leads to understanding the signs and symbols surrounding you in your everyday life.

I am asking all participants to purchase and read my book, It All Begins Here: Interpreting Your Dreams before the teleconference. (Both hardcover and downloadable versions can be found on 

Use the valuable information you receive there to interpret or try to interpret one of your dreams before April 12th. Bring a short written description to the call that evening, so we can discuss your interpretation. I will offer my insight and assistance to help gain a more complete insight into your dream’s message. We will also discuss other tools to use throughout the next day.


An important note: There will be NO personal questions answered during this teleconference that are NOT related to your specific dream.


Attendance for this teleconference costs $125 and is limited to only six participants. Make sure you register now to save your space.