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Thursday May 5, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT

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Standards Update Webcast: “It’s About Time” - The New SMTPE Synchronization Standard

Thursday, 5 May 2016

17:00 UTC /10:00 AM Pacific/1:00 PM Eastern)

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Synchronous by nature, media systems rely on legacy reference signals such as black burst and timecode - signals which pre-date by several generations the technologies in use today. These signals require their own private distribution and are becoming insufficient for evolving system designs and workflows, particularly as we move to live IP infrastructures. The SMPTE ST 2059 Standards suite provides a method to accommodate all legacy reference and media signals using IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) delivered over an IP network. This webinar looks at this new way of synchronizing systems, in the context of legacy, hybrid and future all-IP infrastructures.

Beginning with an overview of PTP, we learn how the ST 2059 Standard uses this foundation to establish deterministic relationships between global real time and media signals. From here we explore how the requirements for synchronization are met by equipment using PTP instead of legacy reference signals, and delve into how timecode is virtualized. Product design consideration for hybrid environments is explored, with focus on how a common reference subsystem can use either form of reference, enabling equipment which can evolve with user requirements. How this new method can be applied to live IP infrastructures is examined, and how ST 2059 pulls legacy and new systems together is explained. Finally, some system design considerations are discussed, with a focus on ways to use technology islands in a hybridized architecture.

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Guest Speakers:  

Paul Briscoe 

Paul began his career in the broadcasting industry in 1980 at the CBC in Toronto. Specializing in the then-new arena of digital television, he was one of the designers of the Toronto Broadcast Center, with particular focus on the plant routing system, computer graphics facilities and overall systemization and timing. Prior to CBC (and during a brief hiatus), he was involved in technology startups and provided system and product design consultation to various clients. He jumped ship from CBC in 1994 to join Leitch Technology as Product Engineer, defining products for the new digital era. Over his 19 years at Leitch (subsequently Harris Broadcast, now Imagine Communications), he was a Project Leader, Development Group Leader, R&D Manager, Manager of Strategic Engineering and Principal Engineer. He left Harris Broadcast in November, 2013, and now provides system, technology, design and standards consultation to the ever-evolving media industry. He has several patents granted and in process, is a member of SMTPE and IEEE, and is an active participant on numerous SMPTE standards committees. A lifelong Radio Amateur, Paul is also an avid curler in the winter and cyclist and gardener in the summer.



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