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National Issues Forum Student Leaders Application

In partnership with the National Issues Forum Institute, SOCHE is launching the third year of our National Issues Forum (NIF) Student Leaders program!

NIF Student Leaders

Up to 10 civically-minded undergraduate students from local colleges and universities make up a leadership team that plans and executes discussion forums on campuses across the region. Student leaders plan the forums and facilitate the deliberative dialogue process under the guidance of a faculty mentor. 

Work with a team, lead and communicate with diverse groups of people, facilitate group discussions, market on your campus, plan events, and much more!

National Issues Forums

Student leaders will plan up to three forums during the academic year. Each issue forum will bring together faculty, staff, students, and the broader community to have deliberative discussion on a specific topic chosen by the students leaders. The purpose of a forum is to learn to engage in respectful dialogue with other citizens and to learn how to work together diplomatically in an effort to find solutions to societal challenges. Read about last year's program here!

At the end of the project, student leaders receive a certificate recognizing their participation in the program and their skill development in this important area of active citizenship. 

More Information

Though the time commitment will be minimal overall, we will work with each student leader to schedule meetings and events. Each forum will have one planning meeting prior. Additionally, SOCHE will host a wrap-up party at the end of the academic year as a "thank you."

Applications are due by September 30, 2016.