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6 Mondays 7 pm - 9 pm, starting October 3rd


1033 Shavington St, North Vancouver, V7L 1K7


Sue Drinnan MSc (Neuro), PCC
Certified Executive Coach and Organizational Effectiveness Facilitator
International Coach Federation Prism Award (Van)



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The WisdomCollective.ca presents...

A set of 6 powerful workshops for successful professionals ready to more effectively leverage their creative initiative, focus and untapped potential.

Do people tell you how smart you are, yet you are sometimes distracted easily, don’t complete what you start, procrastinate or struggle with impulsiveness?  Tired of breaking promises to yourself?  

Don't try to fix this on your own!

Declutter your thinking and tune up your self discipline in a lively, creative group of successful, motivated like-minded professionals who also want you to be your best.


  1. Stay FOCUSED on task despite today's increasing distractions.
  2. Develop empathy to ENGAGE those you lead and GRIT to complete your great initiatives.
  3. Strengthen DISCIPLINE and HABITS for better consistency, impulse control and resilience under pressure.


Six in-person, small group, confidential meetings to strengthen self-discipline, confidence, focus and accountability through education, honesty, tools, practice and support.  Sessions will cover (1) the neuroscience of these patterns; (2) how to strengthen more effective beliefs and thinking patterns; all this with the support and accountability to make it happen for yourself.  

Tips that might help:  Fuel Your Focus.



Sue Drinnan MSc (Neuroscience) is an award-winning Leadership Development and Organizational Effectiveness Specialist; highly skilled in supporting strategic leaders and their teams to work even more effectively together.  Leveraging her  20 years of experience between being an executive coach and/or in executive roles herself, she brings clarity to her client’s purpose, priorities and leadership presence which establish a more resilient, engaged and focussed workplace culture. 

Using powerful transformational tools such as award winning facilitation (50X ROI), a deep understanding of how to develop resilience, as well as emotional intelligence and trust she helps leaders overcome immunity to both change and conflict to measurably and durably improve how they bring out the best in both themselves and those they lead.

Sue has coached many senior executives through difficult transitions and has designed compelling Talent Development programs. She has won Top Speaker awards, the prestigious International Coach Federation PRISM Award (Van) and has been nominated for the Most Influential Women in Business Award.

Her areas of specialty include: coaching abrasive leaders; strengthening personal resilience; self-compassion and communication effectiveness. 

She is co-author of Leadership: HOTS (Helping Others To Succeed), and in-field transformational leadership development simulations, she co-edited the International Journal of Coaching in Organizations and is a director on several boards.  Sue is a graduate of UBC, SFU, RRU and JIBC and speaks numerous languages.  Sue remains very fit and was a world class Team Canada athlete (Tour de France Feminin, 4th in skiing Nationals, Tandem cycling, Barcelona Paralympics).  

PS: She also leads group coaching/mentoring programs and adventure retreat intensives including:

  • The Wisdom Collective - Leadership skills development
  • Brilliant but Abrasive - Learn how to coach difficult leaders
  • Delivering on Creativity - For entrepreneurs and highly successful professionals seeking structure, support and accountability to bring out the best of themselves and others
  • Leadership Resilience Institute - Bringing seasoned and specialized faculty together to more effectively offer custom, cohesive, resilience-focussed programs.
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