Date of the event

May 11th, 2016,  6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT

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Location of the event

Health Innovators Cener (@ Canopy)

212 Elm Street

3rd floor

Somerville, MA 02144 

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Health Innovators Summary

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Phone: 617.871.9286


Co-Working (Are you looking for the best deal in town?)

Here is the best deal for you. Just for $400/year (a year, not a month. Exculsive deal for Health Innovators only), you can get co-working space at the Health Innovators center located at Davis Square. This is the most centrally located and the most affordable co-working center in the Boston metro area. We are located at 212 Elm Street, Somerville, MA. We are within Canopy Somerville, which provides eco-system for entrepreneurs. Check out what the Mayor of Somerville has to say about Canopy Somerville where Health Innovators center is located. This is great for early stage entrepreneurs who are looking for innovation eco-system with support from resident entrepreneurs, mentor sessions, office hours with experts, and a whole lot of cool FREE stuff and resources. Did we say that we have access to capital and decision makers for YOU? Leverage what Health Innovators has spent years in building deep trusted relationships with decision makers to take your professional dream to the next level.

Why should you sponsor us?

  1. To recruit the best local talent in healthcare and technology. Boston is full of talent.
  2. To promote your brand.
  3. To host hackathons.
  4. To host community events.
  5. To give back, feel good and sleep well at night.

Let's chat and we can easily convince you the value proposition for sponsoring us. We can start slowly with in-kind sponsorship like cross promotion, bartering of services, Etc.

Shoot us an email - or just give us a call at 617.871.9286.

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Health Innovators Wednesday Networking Nights

Price: $10

Place: Canopy (212 Elm Street, 3rd floor, Somerville, MA 02144)

FREE TICKET for full time college students through Stay in MA.

Health Innovators is excited to invite you to our networking and support group events to be held every Wednesday evenings at the Health Innovators office located in Canopy Coworking center. Beer, wine and snacks will be served and you will be accompanied with like minded healthcare professionals at the event.

Innovation is a social process that is fueled by conversation and collaboration. Health Innovators enhances and accelerates the innovation process through networking events, educational classes and co-working space for healthcare professionals and organizations to gather and build relationships.

Our networking events are energetic, social, business oriented and

  • Triggers creativity
  • Inspires innovation
  • Motivates entrepreneurship
  • Catalyzes action
  • Expands interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Assists in problem-solving
  • Creates the relationships that drive the innovation economy.


  • 6 - 8 pm: Networking and relationship building.

What will I get out of this networking dinner

  • I am an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs can get help with their business for idea validation, business model canvasing, get introductions to key stake holders, get connected to service providers.

  • I am a healthcare professional

Find ways to get a competative edge at work by equipping yourself with the latest healthcare trends, opportunities, hire talent, meet service providers offering different healthcare solutions.

This is a great way for healthcare professionals in job transition to meet others which can open up many opportunities.

  • I am a service provider

Build relationship with healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs for new client acquisitions.

We look forward to seeing you at the HI Wednesday Networking Nights!