Heather Prince 
Life Harmony Coaching 


Ever feel like you want to pull your hat down, put on sunglasses and just fast forward through this phase of your life?  Nothing feels right.  You worry all the time. You can't even remember the last time you truly relaxed.  The clock is ticking and with every day that passes you obsess about how much time you are wasting being unhappy?  I've been there.  And here's the deal - it stinks.  No one wants to admit that they are suffering from anxiety, or that they've dipped into a temporary ... rut.  (I won't say depression, because no likes that word.  That's something that happens to OTHER people.)  But the truth is plain and simple - if you are feeling any of these things - you are in the midst of an anxiety ridden rut!

In this Anxiety Toolbox: 

  • you will receive information and techniques for you to master, to let go of  Anxiety from your life!
  • you will learn about the physical blocks, the emotional blocks and the mental blocks that are preventing you from enjoying your life.  

Good news though!  It's just information.  Seriously.  These feelings you are having?  They are a gift, because they have popped into to show you what's NOT working in your life.  They've breezed into your emotional home to reveal to you the things that need to be changed.  How great is that?!?!  It's like a personal message from the Divine whispering to you, "No darling.  Change THIS. Do THIS instead and it will all be OK."

The question is - are you going to get the message? And if you hear it loud and clear, and are ready to make the change - what next?

I can help you.  I get how tough it is to be at the crossroads of "I have to be let out of this" and "I have no idea how."  

You deserve to live a happy life.  And the truth is - the clock IS ticking.  So what are you going to do about it?  

*Upon registering you will receive 9 emails.  1 each day to digest the information in easy bite-size emails, plus 1 email a week after completion.  You can take as long as you choose to complete the tasks and then repeat the tasks as many times as you wish, for at least 30 days, until you master the tools.