Conference Dates

  • PreConferernce Workshops - Wed Nov 2/2016
  • preparED 2016 - Thu Nov 3 - Fri Nov 4/2016

Conference Location


Banff Rocky Mountain Resort

Event Contact - Organizers

preparED Training Coordinator 
Hour-Zero School Emergency Program 


preparED 2016 – the action packed K-12 school emergency preparedness event.

Come prepared to tackle an emergency and flex your decision-making skills, and leave with the knowledge, skills and mind-set needed to respond effectively to an emergency affecting your school and district.

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preparED combines contextualized presentations with active, experiential learning. This approach provides learners with new knowledge and engages them in a simulated real-life experience that is relevant to their work in a K-12 environment.

  • Over two days, participants work through a functional emergency exercise, allowing them the opportunity to practice their skills against a simulated event.
  • The event is divided into blocks. Each block begins with an instructor-led presentation, after which your emergency team responds (through role-play) to the ever-changing circumstances of an emergency that has struck the school district and is causing mayhem for the schools. (We’ll assign you to a team.)
  • The scenario exercises both school-level and district-level responsibilities and needed response. (Every year is a different scenario.)


Registration Acceptance and Cancellation Policy. Acceptance of application to attend this event is at the sole discretion of Hour-Zero Crisis Consulting Ltd. This is a limited enrolment event, with priority registration given to Hour-Zero program subscribers. Should we be unable to accept your registration once paid, you will be refunded in full for the amount of your registration. Cancellations must be received in writing by Oct 4, 2016 to Cancellations received by this date are eligible for a refund less a 35% administration fee. preparED   is the registered trademark of Hour-Zero Crisis Consulting Ltd.