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Video: Housing Supply and Regulation – Market Trends and New Regulatory Programs 

This is a recording of an hour-long session from the Planning Academy in Santa Barbara, California in March 2016.

Housing Supply and Regulation – Market Trends and New Regulatory Programs
Instructor(s): Lisa Plowman, Rob Pearson

Course Description: Housing demand again matches market conditions from 2007. This session will review the housing market, demographic trends, local incentive programs like AUD for workforce housing; as well as public and private options to help combat the senior housing crises.
The Takeaway: Students will leave with an understanding of the City’s new AUD program and what housing projects might look like, compared to the old ‘average unit density’ program. Students will also learn about inter-generational housing and the popularity of this design in different ethnic groups. Finally, speakers from the senior housing market will discuss specific challenges, such as financing and other impacts like student housing and vacation rentals.