Dr Pawan Pareek visits from India to present

"Homeopathy for female diseases"

   Learn how Dr Pareek works in his busy homeopathic practice

   Inspirational 100% evidence based, complex, cases

   Deepen your knowledge (& confidence)

Hosted by Carol Fieldhouse, Refreshing Horizons Limited

“Dr Pawan Pareek is an excellent fascinating Speaker who riveted the audience for two days on the topic. We send you an open invitation to come back.Gerasimos. Greece.


Saturday 4th March 2017 at 9:30 AM until 5:00 PM
Sunday 5th March 2017 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

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London Birkbeck Malet St location is within easy reach of Euston Mainline Station and Euston Square and Russel St Underground Stations, as well as local bus routes.

A few minutes walk away there is a big organic supermarket and there are a lot of coffee shops, restaurants and cafes in the area too. The college itself has a Costa Coffee on the ground floor and also a restaurant on the 4th floor.


Birkbeck, University of London 
Central London Campus
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HX
United Kingdom

The entrance is at the Torrington Square side of the building (there is a walkway under the building from Malet St.)

The room number will be confirmed by email a few days before the course and will also be known at reception - ask about the "Refreshing Horizons course"
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Carol Fieldhouse 
Refreshing Horizons 
  Dr Pawan seminar in Greece, 2014

A seminar in Greece

Pawan London April 2015London April 2015

Dr Pawan presenting seminar in Greece, 2014


"Dear Dr. Pareek, Thank you for the excellent seminar! I enjoyed it much and learned a lot. I hope that you can come back to Berlin for another seminar!!
Dr. med. Katja Aschenbrenner,Germany

"Dear Dr. Pareek, I am very happy to visit your homeopathic teaching in Berlin. I am looking forward for the next teaching in April 2017"
Dr Libuse Chytra, Berlin

"A special seminar on Homoeopathy in female diseases was organized. Participants wanted to continue this exciting conference even after two days.  An ongoing and vigorous applause was expressed. Dr Pawan Pareek has won this as a top speaker from India."
Bernd Schmidt,Germany

“Dr Pawan Pareek is an excellent fascinating Speaker who riveted the audience for two days on the topic. We send you an open invitation to come back.Gerasimos. Greece.

“Thank you for your outstanding presentations at the 6th Australian Homoeopathic Medicine Conference.  We look forward to seeing you again at future seminars and conferences both nationally and interstate.” Maryanne Logan, Australia

“Phoenix Talks, UK was honoured to organize a seminar on Evidence-Based Homeopathy by Dr. Pawan Pareek. Delegates were impressed with Dr. Pareek's grasp of remedies and his successes with particularly difficult cases.  His presenting style is both entertaining and educational.” Helen Kimball Brooke, Great Britain

Comment written by Debbie on Hpathy.com about the interview with Dr Pawan (mentioned above):

"Dear Alan - Thank you for presenting this interview with Dr Pawan Pareek, a star in today's sky of homeopaths. I highly recommend taking the course on Female Diseases, as his presentation will provide a book filled with serious cured cases such as cancers, fibroids, infertility and much more. You will see the scans and blood work, as the documentation is thorough to show the progress of each case. Dr Pawan has a routine of daily study that keeps him always learning and on his toes to recognize the totality of the case and any peculiarities that point him to a remedy selection. In addition, you will learn his particular success using repetition of dose and potency. With decades of successful cases, he has garnished great knowledge on case-taking and case-management. No end to praises for Dr Pawan. Debby, Founder Homeopathy World Community

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More Information

Carol Fieldhouse RHom, of Refreshing Horizons Limited is course organiser.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr Pareek's course last year and am delighted he is returning to teach again. His enthusiasm is infectious and it was quite a task for me to get him stop for breaks and lunch!

Do get in touch (contact details top left) if you have any questions.

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4th & 5th March 2017 - London

Superb value to hear a speaker from India

- Early Bird price EXTENDED UNTIL 31st January is  170.

200 after that. 10 off for up to two guests.

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Why attend?

Read Helen Kimball-Brooke's review of Pawan't seminar in 2015 (published in 'The Homeopath') (reproduced with Helen's permission)

You will see cases that are very rarely seen in UK homeopathic practices - Pawan has such a busy practice that he sees a broad range of cases and uses clinical tests and results to monitor any changes.

If you have a passion for homeopathy, want to deepen your knowledge, gain more skills, and perhaps boost to your enthusiasm then come along. It is such a rare privilege to hear first hand experience from a busy homeopathic practice in a different country.

Dr Pareek structures the seminars so that all can easily follow his teachings with interest, and he is happy to answer questions. You will leave with deepened knowledge, and perhaps more confidence, after going through such a wealth of evidence based examples.

Dr Pareek

  • has a lovely, inspiring and stimulating presentation technique.
  • is an excellent practitioner and an experienced teacher
  • is able to simplify complex cases with advanced pathology (e.g. how to proceed when allopathic doctors have given up).

He will explain how he uses polycrest remedies, following a Kentian method, in a way that allows you to apply the knowledge gained back in your own practice.

This is a 100% evidence based seminar teaching the practical application of homeopathy. Medical test results are shown before and after homeopathic treatment for most cases leaving no doubt about the changes that have occurred.

Apart from the informative, enthusiastic presentation of complicated cases, he will include:

  • Case taking
  • Clinical application of the Materia Medica & the Organon
  • Practical explanation of how he selects a homeopathic remedy, its potency and repetition and the use of comparative material medica.

The aim is to bring homeopathy to life for you, leading to results-oriented learning and Pawan will encourage you to feel more able to support challenging cases, perhaps even where the experts have given up.

To ensure everyone has a chance to speak with Dr Pareek, we are limiting the course to a maximum of 30 attendees

Course Contents

This vast range of topics cannot usually be covered by one person but Dr Pawan's vast clinical practice experience enables him to be able to do that for us. He will present difficult and challenging evidence based cases.

Topics such as

  • fibro adenoma of the breast,
  • medium to large sized fibroids,
  • bartholin cyst,
  • ovarian cyst,
  • polycystic ovarian disease,
  • amenorrhoea,
  • miscarriage,
  • menorrhagia,
  • metrorrhagia,
  • sterility,
  • dysplasia,
  • prolapsed uterus ,
  • endometriosis,
  • hypothyroidism affecting female reproductive system,
  • long standing leucorrhoea leading to cryosurgery,
  • cervical polyp,
  • cervical erosion
  • etc

Dr Pawan Pareek 

An M.D. in homoeopathy, he has over 21 years’ experience of both teaching and clinical work.

Pawan started his clinical practice in the city of Taj mahal, Agra, India in 1993 with a determination to cure difficult and “incurable” cases. His goal was (and still is) to promote practical homoeopathy worldwide by his evidence based research work. He often sees 150 patients a day, many with deep pathology.

His research work is published in various web-journals and he lectures all over the world at seminars and conferences.

  An interview was published on Hpathy.com in the September 2015 issue,

The book, Homeopathy in Surgical DiseasesHomeopathy in Surgical Diseases book by Dr Pawan Pareek

Pawan is also an award winning speaker (Best speaker award 2012, Excellent speaker award 2003, DR VM award 2012, Best presentation award 2004)

Course Fee

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from a very experienced and skilled homeopath.

Superb value  - the 'Early Bird' fee is just 170.00 

until 31st January 2017, thereafter the weekend will cost 200.  There is a 10 discount for up to two guests.

40 deposit to secure your place.

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Terms and conditions are on the registration form.

Click the "Register Now" button to register on line and pay via Paypal (or select 'check' to post a cheque or pay by bank transfer).
The course is open to homeopathy students and practicing homeopaths.

You will receive an email directly from me, Carol Fieldhouse, confirming acceptance of your registration within 7 business days – if not, please email me at info@refreshinghorizons.com to inquire, as occasionally registrations do get lost in cyberspace!

To find out more about Dr. Pawan Pareek, visit his website - www.drpawanhomoeopathy.com

Administrative details

  • You will receive a Certificate of Attendance from at the end of the course

You need to arrange:

  • LUNCH each day (there are plenty of places locally including an organic supermarket)
  • Accommodation, if required. The university has student accommodation available at very reasonable prices. It can be booked on line. College Hall is in Malet street opposite Birkbeck

NOTE: There is no claim here that homeopathy can heal, treat or cure these medical conditions. Homeopathy is used to trigger natural healing mechanisms of the whole person to work better rather than address particular symptoms. These case studies will be used to talk through techniques that were used to lift the general wellbeing of the people concerned.