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Ronda Wade 
Creating Success with Ronda Wade 

How do you....? New Series! Learn how to do SIX different events in one training series! You get the flexibility to pick which ones work for you or get a big discount and take all 6! 

This is truly an amazing training series! I will train on a specific event, and then SHOW you that event with a video....

I get asked often...How do you do a workshop, or a retreat, or a Project Life workshop and so on...It's hard to just explain, so this series I'l be jumping in and also doing a video to "show" you how to run these events. Each topic will have a one hour teleconference training session on giving you tips on how to run your event, and then when the recording is posted, I will also share a video. In many cases I will be showing you my actual event for you to see in reality.

You can choose each one individually or save 31.00 by selecting all 6!

1. Workshop/Private Classes: This is STILL one of the most effective ways to grow your sales and find new customers. I'll show you how to run them this day and age to fit in your busy schedule and still make them fun!

2. Project Life Workshop: My favorite workshop is MEMORY KEEPING! I will show you from start to finish how to run an effective Project Life workshop. It's sweet and simple, and will surely grow you sales and bring you new customers.

3. Retreats: Running a quarterly retreat is powerful for your business. Consistent sales, AND fun! I'll share with you budgeting, how to get started, and how to run your retreats.

4. Downline meetings: My most important event each month is my downline meeting. If ran properly this can be an effective tool to motivate and inspire your team to buy, sell and grow!

5. Card Class: I think EVERY demonstrator should have a card class on their calendar! I'll explain why in the training and show you a very effective way to run yours!

6. New Catalog Launch event/BOGO event: Learn how to launch all the catalogs all year long to give you the best boost for your business. I'll also incorporate running a BOGO at the same time!

This series will encompass an enormous amount of work, but I believe it will be so worth it to give you a library of information to help you run and improve your events! I encourage you to send this registration form to the members of your team to help them learn to sell and grow through many different events!

Each week is 15.00 individually, or you can get all 6 included for a savings of 31.00!! Leaders, if you have 5 or more attending, you can email us for a group discount code, and you each will save 5.00 off. Creatingsuccess@rondawade.com

If you are already a Business Builder in the Creating Success Program, these trainings are included with your weekly training! No extra cost. Click the link above to learn all about it.

This series is 6 weeks long, and each week you will have an audio training along with a video teaching you how to run these events!

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